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Unboxing: Boxycharm March 2015

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My Boxycharm box arrived and I’m so excited about it! Here’s what I received:  

-Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo.  $11. Travel Size.  I’m very excited to try this.  I’ve heard so much about how amazing Oscar Blandi products are and I love a good dry shampoo!  

-OFRA Eyeliner in Coffee Bean.  $13.  Full Size.  This is a water resistant pencil in a pretty dark brown. 

-LVX Nail Lacquer in Lemondrop. $16. Full Size.  I am in LOVE with this sunny yellow polish!  

-tarte LipSurgence lip tint in Charmed. $24. Full Size.  This is a really pretty pale pink. It’s a creamy balm. Perfect for Spring!  

-Previse Nutrify Skin Type 1-6 Universal Tonic. $48. Full Size.  This is a skin oil that you apply after cleaning your face.  It hydrates your skin and fights free radicals.  I’m really excited to try this as my skin tends to be really dry.  

If you’d like to start receiving Boxycharm boxes each month click here:

Disney Magic- Western Caribbean. Day 5 Cozumel

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We woke up and went to Cabanas buffet to have breakfast. After breakfast we delivered our Fish Extender gifts.  What is a Fish Extender??  Outside of every cabin is a fish that holds mail from the ship for your stateroom.  cruise A Fish Extender (FE) is a hanging that has pockets (usually a pocket per family member) that hangs from the fish.  Here’s an example: FE14 *Note the door decorations- all magnets.  The doors are metal and Disney allows decorations as long as you don’t use tape.  Back to the FE.  I’d show you our FE but we couldn’t find it when we were packing for the cruise!  Boo!!!  To participate you sign up for a FE exchange in your Facebook cruise group.  Just search Facebook for your ship and sail date and you’ll find your group. Each group is different so I’ll tell you how ours worked on this cruise.  We had 15 cabins per group. Each stateroom created or bought little gifts for all the people in the other staterooms in their FE group.  Some people (like us) gave a room gift.  Some people gave individual gifts – something for each person in the cabin.  It all depends on you what you do.  There are no rules.  Some people give regional items, some give Disney themed. Our cruise group (Holla Group A!!!) was AMAZING!  Our peeps are nothing short of creative geniuses!  We got the CUTEST stuff.  I can’t even begin to tell you everything we got, but it was fabulous.  We gave barbecue sauce from Shealy’s (the best in the world), a Thirty One Hang It Up Key Fob, and a Thirty One Manicure Nail File (gotta represent!).   Anyway, we delivered all our gifts (great way to see the ship!).

There were 4 ships in port today.  We were docked next to the MSC Divina. IMG_6399 It was funny, when the MSC ship pulled up next to our Disney ship, all the people came out onto their balconies to take pictures of our ship.  The MSC ship was massive!  We were on the 7th deck of our ship and their ship went up at least another 7 decks!  We were in our room to change into swimsuits.  I might add that each time we put on our swimsuits we lathered up in sunscreen and to our delight did NOT get sunburned in the least this trip!  SPF 110 for the win!!!

So we went to Quiet Cove, the adult pool area.  We hung out in the pool, read, pooled some more, read some more.  Had lunch at Cabanas.  Pool, read, pool.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  It was an awesome, relaxing day!  Our view: IMG_6401 If you look closely, you can see there is a Starbucks logo on that big white building.  CSP is a Starbucks junkie so he was tempted to go check it out, but the lure of the adult pool and his book kept him on the ship.  IMG_6400

Around 5:45 we went back to our room and dressed and showered for our dinner tonight at Palo.  DSC_0139Tonight I only took pictures of the dishes you haven’t seen yet. For his appetizer CSP chose Cippino again.  I got the Portobello Mushroom with Polenta Cake. DSC_0134  For our entrees CSP got the Osso Buco.  It’s his favorite dish ever and he looks forward to it all year waiting on this cruise! DSC_0135  I chose the Saffron Risotto di Mare, but just with shrimp.  I’m not into shells on my plate. It was amazing.DSC_0136

For dessert we both ordered the chocolate souffle. It comes with ice cream and 2 little pots of sauce, one vanilla and one chocolate.  CSP and I always trade.  I take both vanillas and he takes both chocolates.  This souffle is incredible.  Makes your eyes roll back in your head. DSC_0137

After our fantastic dinner we went back to our room to change clothes and get ready for the fireworks. We went to deck 10.  No chairs.  Deck 9- no chairs with a view.  Then I thought of something.   I remembered there are deck chairs and benches on deck 4!  So we went down and there were only 2 other people there.  Boom- no crowd and an incredible view of the fireworks! DSC_0147 CSP was tired and had wanted to go to bed then bang! DSC_0174 they started and he was so excited to be so close to them!  DSC_0151 We couldn’t hear the music but you couldn’t beat the view! DSC_0173DSC_0155DSC_0143

When the fireworks were over we went back to our room and turned in for the night! DSC_0140 I always love the monkey!

Up next:  Day at Sea!

Disney Magic Western Caribbean- Day 4 Grand Cayman!

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All ashore 7:30 am- 4:15 pm.  We woke up at 6am and put on our swim suits then went up to Cabanas buffet for breakfast at 6:30.  After breakfast we went to the Walt Disney Theatre to meet up with our excursion group.  Then we took a tender boat over to Grand Cayman.  We took a trolley bus to a marina where we boarded our excursion boat.  Then we were off to swim with the stingrays!!!

We boated out to Stingray City in some pretty choppy water.  The guide came around and yelled some things to us but I couldn’t hear a thing over the motor of the boat.  I’m pretty sure we were sitting right on the engine.  Luckily we’d done the stingray thing before so we knew how to behave around them. We got to Stingray City ( a sand bar in the middle of the ocean where stingrays convene).  We disembarked the boat and our guide had us (try to) get in a circle.  Do you know how hard it is to make a circle out of 50 people when the waves are covering your head sometimes???  That water was choppy!  It was only up to our waist but the waves were big.  The day was perfect- 80* and sunny and the water was nice and cool.PICT0057PICT0013

The guides would dive down and catch stingrays then hold them so we could pet them. PICT0035 And then we got to feed them!  We had a ball!!!! CSP is a stingray hog! PICT0064 He’s so good at holding them and they just swim up against him.  But then one ran him over!!! PICT0036There were big fish in the water too. PICT0014

PICT0058 PICT0063 PICT0059 PICT0011

PICT0043 PICT0041 PICT0037 PICT0040 PICT0044 PICT0053 PICT0049 Up close with a stingray.  See her eye?PICT0042

We had SO much fun once the whole circle thing was over and we could just bob around playing with the stingrays.  They are such gentle creatures!  The guides called us back to the boat and we headed back to Grand Cayman.  It was a busy day for them- 5 ships in port!

Back on the ship we grabbed a quick bite to eat up by the pool as we were still wet and Cabanas wasn’t open yet.  We went back to the room to change into dry clothes after showers and a nap!

At 4pm we met up with some of our Facebook cruise group friends for a mixology class!  We were in the Keys Piano Bar.  Tea the bartender taught us how to make 5 drinks.  IMG_6389

We made Paradise Punch, Elder Bubble, French Martini, Moji-do, and Bubble Gum.  IMG_6391 This is the Bubble Gum.  It’s a layered shot.  It was SO good.  I drank mine and CSP’s! IMG_6393

CSP discovered he’s a French Martini lover.  James Bond in disguise. IMG_6390 The bar was really cool with these neat wall coverings.  They look like regular wallpaper until you get up close and see all the hidden Mickeys!  IMG_6396 IMG_6395 IMG_6394

After the class was over we ended up staying there until 6 chatting with our new friends A & K McC from Ohio.  They happen to be on our next cruise too!

We went up to the Cove Cafe for a chai tea for me and O’Gill’s pub for a beer for CSP.  They had Irish soda bread!  Not exactly like my Nanny used to make it but close!  Back to the room to change for dinner and we couldn’t get in!  Turns out our door lock had died.  Had to wait for someone to come fix it for us.  Took about a half hour but we were finally back in our room.

After a quick change of clothes we went to Carioca’s for dinner.  DSC_0119

At dinner I always take a pic of CSP looking nice and get him to take a pic of me too.  Tonight was a little difficult as CSP was in a playful mood.  Probably from that mixology class! DSC_0121

DSC_0120 2

But I finally got a good shot. DSC_0122DSC_0124

For his appetizer CSP chose the Salmon Royal (again with the ROYAL food!) DSC_0128 2and Blue Cheese Polenta Cakes. DSC_0129 2

I got the Roasted Roma Tomatoes with Goat Cheese.DSC_0127

I’m always amazed at the nice presentation.  Look at the little dots of balsamic.  They had to do that on like 400 dishes!

For our soups CSP got the Saffron Mussel soup, which he loved.  I got the Potato and Sausage, which I did not love.  But CSP liked it so that was good.

Entrees: CSP went with the Turbot (still on his seafood kick)DSC_0130 and I had the roasted portobello mushroom pasta. DSC_0131 Very yummy.

For dessert I had the Banana Bread Pudding DSC_0133and CSP had the Flourless Chocolate Cake.DSC_0132 2

Back to our room for bed! DSC_0118 I loved this snake Edwin made us!  How cute!!!

Up Next….Cozumel!  Fireworks at sea!

January Ipsy Glam Bag

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My January Ipsy Glam Bag has arrived.  It’s my last Glam Bag as I cancelled my subscription as soon as this one shipped.  Good thing I cancelled as I’m not thrilled with this bag at all.  IMG_6320_2

Here’s what I received:

-Hikari Eye Liner in Storm.  A pretty silvery gray.  But it’s pencil and I use liquid so this is going to my sister. IMG_6322

-Malin & Goetz Mojito Lip Balm.  Smells good.  Feels nice on the lips!


-Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion.  This lotion is meant to be used as a highlighter on the face, used with or without foundation.  I swatched it on my hand and while it’s super pretty when it goes on, just a couple minutes later and I can’t tell where I applied it.


-Eco-Beauty Good Day Day Moisturizer.  I’m always up for trying new products, especially those that are eco friendly and something I can use, so I’m looking forward to trying this.


-Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow in Treasure.  A shimmery, golden light brown color.  A color I already own in a million different formulas.  Great brand though.  Another item that will be going to my sister.


That’s it for this month’s Ipsy bag!  My Boxycharm box should be here soon so look for the review!

December Boxycharm!!!

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My December Boxycharm box arrived and it is packed with goodies!  Here’s what I received:

-Coastal Scents Revealed Palette.  Full Size.  Retails for $39.95.  HUGE palette with gorgeous nude and metallic shades.


-Lina Lashes Luxury Mink Lashes.  Totally cruelty free and handmade.  SO soft!  I can’t wait to wear these on Christmas!  Retails for $30IMG_6212

-Mistura Beauty Solutions Retractable Beauty Brush.  So soft!  And great for your purse or travel! $19.99IMG_6213-Be A Bombshell Lip Gloss.  Full Size. $14.

IMG_6201_2-Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment.  Travel Size.  Retails for $7-12.


I use a little bit of argan oil every day when styling my hair.  This oil will last me forever!

If you’d like to receive BoxyCharm boxes click here:

I think I’m going to give up Ipsy for BoxyCharm.  Sorry Ipsy- we had a good run!

December Ipsy Glam Bag

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My December Ipsy Glam Bag is here! IMG_6190

Here’s everything I got:

-Pixi Fairy Dust in Brightening Bare.  A powder highlighter in a subtle shade.


– NYX Butter Lip Balm in Red Velvet.


-Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4 n 1 Mascara.  Not sure what the 4 in 1 means or does, but I can always use mascara.


– Swissco Electroplated Eyelash Curler.  In my favorite color- purple!!!  Another tool every girl needs.


_ Beauty Without Cruelty 3% AHA Complex Facial Cleanser.  Something else I can always use.


Another good bag.  Nothing got me overly excited, but a good bag overall.  I’ll be comparing it with the BoxyCharm box that’s coming tomorrow & decide which subscription I’m going to keep.

Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here:

Hello Charmers!

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As you know I’ve been a fan of Ipsy’s Glam Bags for some time now.  But I kept hearing about this other subscription service called BoxyCharm and how great it is.  So I subscribed.  I received my first box yesterday.  I’m going to compare the December boxes from Ipsy and BoxyCharm and see which I like better then I’ll stay with that service.  But for now let’s look at what came in my November box!


Here’s what all was included:

-MicaBeauty Eye Primer.  A staple I can always use.


-OFRA Cosmetics Pressed Blush.  This blush is HUGE!  And really pretty!

IMG_6093_2-Tarina Tarantino Eyelicity Glitter Liner.  This is super sparkly!  Love!!


-Kevin.Murphy Color.Bug in Purple.  It’s a hair chalk that wipes on and washes out!


-bellapierre Shimmer Powder.  Color- Tin Man (silver).  It’s a gorgeous loose powder eye shadow.


All the items are Full Size.  There was a card included that lists all the prices of the items if bought separately.  The total for all of the above is $125.89!!!  All for $21 a month!!!  So far I’m impressed!  If you’re interested in signing up, click here:


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