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Disney Magic to the Bahamas??? Day 2

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Day 2 Sept 30 Wednesday


Woke up and had breakfast at the hotel.  During breakfast Amy & Kevin gave us a goodie bag full of fun Disney stuff!  Included was a pair of sunglasses which will become important later.  After breakfast we loaded up the cars and set off for the Port of Miami.  Should have only taken us about 40 minutes.  Well….we got lost and Nigel (my British Siri) was beside himself with all his recalculating!  Miami roads are not the easiest to navigate. We finally made it and parked and lugged our bags to the looooong line.  They assign you port arrival times but apparently in Miami, anything goes!  We got to the port at 11:10 am and it took until 12:45 pm to get through the lines and on the ship!  That’s nuts.  Usually, in Port Canaveral, it’s a 30 minute or less process.

Hot and hungry we went to Carioca’s to the lunch buffet.  I’m not a huge fan of buffets but Disney puts out a good one. CSP especially enjoys the big crab claws and peel and eat shrimp.  After lunch our rooms were ready so we headed to 5505 to drop off our bags.  Our luggage arrived soon after!  That was quick!  We had a cool sideways room. Disney Magic October 2015 Disney Magic October 2015 It felt bigger than the standard room Disney Magic October 2015  Disney Magic October 2015and we really didn’t miss the balcony for the 4 nights we were on the ship!  Next thing we knew it was time for the dreaded muster drill. OMG people were still getting on the ship while we were doing the drill, which just prolonged the drill and it was so hot out there in the Miami sun!  When the drill was finally over we went up on deck to watch the sail away party.  It rained a little bit but the view of the Miami skyline was spectacular. Disney Magic October 2015 It amazes me how they build giant buildings RIGHT next to the water!

After the sail away party we went to O’Gill’s the Irish pub for a little while to cool down. Disney Magic October 2015 Nuna from Thailand was there!  She worked there in February when we were on the Magic and she recognized us!  We enjoyed a pre-dinner cocktail (beer for CSP, coconut mojito for me) then went back to the room to dress for dinner.Disney Magic October 2015

Dinner tonight was in Lumiere’s Disney Magic October 2015 and was French themed, which made CSP very happy as that meant escargot!  Disney Magic October 2015 Disney Magic October 2015 After dinner we stopped into the onboard shops for a bit then went to Fathoms lounge for Match Your Mate.  Amy and Kevin had never seen this show and I knew they’d love it.  It’s like the Newlywed Game but there’s a newlywed couple, a couple who’s been married forever, and a couple chosen by the crowd via dance off! Amy & Kevin got up and joined the dance off! Disney Magic October 2015 They were awesome and we cheered as loud as possible but alas, they weren’t chosen.  Disney Magic October 2015 Couple #1 had the funniest answer of the night when he was asked “What would your wife say is her favorite part of YOUR body?”. The man said “My nips!”  As in his nipples!!!  I died!  He said she likes to flick them!  Oh my, he was known as “Nips” for the rest of the cruise!   The whole show was hilarious and a great end to the day.  We went back to our room for bed when it ended. Disney Magic October 2015

Note- Hurricane Joaquin affected our itinerary.  As of dinner we still didn’t know for sure where we’d end up stopping!  We were supposed to go to Disney’s Castaway Cay island, then Nassau, then Key West.  Tune in next time to find out where we stopped first!

Disney Magic to the Bahamas?? Day 1

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Day 1 Sept 29 Tuesday

Travel Day!

Left at 7:15 am.  Arrived at 7:00 pm!  The last 20 miles took over an hour due to traffic.  Florida drivers are nuts!  There were people doing 80 mph on the shoulder!

Checked in to our hotel, Hampton Inn, and met up with Amy & Kevin!   We met Amy & Kevin on our last cruise and really hit it off.  So much so that when I told Amy I’d booked this cruise they decided to come along, sans kids!

We were ready for dinner so we hopped back in the car and went to the Aruba Beach Cafe which was recommended by the front desk.  It was right on the water, loud, crowded and had great seafood!  I wish I had taken pictures at dinner but I was practically in a road coma from driving for 12 hours.  CSP’s broken foot is his right foot so he couldn’t help drive!

We went back to the hotel and were asleep pretty early.  Big day tomorrow- embarkation!

Letting Go

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This is Kea Li Mei Fun Redwing. Kiki. Kiki Marie. Kiki Monkey. Baby Kiki. Squeakie. Squeaks. Today I took Kiki in to the vet for a follow up visit about her eye, but I had some other concerns. Yesterday she wouldn’t eat and overnight she threw up. She was just laying there in her bed all listless and just not herself. Dr. did some blood work and Kiki tested positive for diabetes. Dr. told us that we had 2 choices: treat the diabetes that would kill her eventually, or let her go. Let her go??? We just came in for a follow up visit!!! CSP arrived from work and the vet went over everything with him. That Kiki was elderly at 11 years old. She’s slow to heal. Prone to infection. Would require insulin shots twice daily for the rest of her life. She’s already about 95% blind as is but would develop cataracts and likely never be able to see again. That it was likely she might not make it through the night and could pass there in the veterinary hospital, alone, overnight. That it was time to let her go. We talked it over. We cried. We spent time loving on our girl. I told her how much we love her, how she’s everyone’s favorite. How in heaven she’ll see so much better and she can boss everyone around again. How all the toys there have squeakers that work. How her little elbows won’t have arthritis anymore and she can run around again. How we’ll miss her like crazy and she’ll always be my first baby. She’s my BABY. I talked to her and pet her and loved her until her sweet little heart stopped beating and mine broke in two. Then we had some alone time with her and I told her all those things again, so she’ll remember. And I told her to wait for us in heaven and that we’ll meet her at the bridge one day.

Unboxing: BoxyCharm May 2016

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My May BoxyCharm box is here and it is full of goodies I can’t wait to try!  My May @boxycharm is here!!! Full of goodies I can't wait to try!!! #boxybeauty #boxycharm


  • ModelCo Bronze Shimmer.  Full Size. $22.  I’m excited to give some bronzer a try.  Added bonus is the shimmer! 
  • The Lip Bar Lipstick in Purple Rain. Full Size.  $20.  I was scared of this color when I first opened the very cool package, but after application I really like it!  Especially under some gloss.  It will be fun for Summer!  
  • Bodyography Essential Brow Trio. Full Size. $19.  I’m blessed with dark brows so I’ve never used brow powder but I’m excited to try it out!  
  • Bodyography Brow Brush. Full Size. $19.  Perfect accessory for the brow powder. 
  • Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish in Sunset Blvd. Full Size. $18.  This is a vegan, eco friendly brand and if I didn’t already own a color that is its twin, I’d be all over it.  So this will be a giveaway. 

If you would like to receive fun beauty goodies in the mail like I do (and, really, who wouldn’t??)  Click Here!!! 

Essential Oil Make & Take Spa Party!

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Saturday night I threw a fun Essential Oil Make & Take Spa Party!  8 of my friends came over to make bath and body products and learn about essential oils from my sister Sara.  I put out some food.  And some kick ass punch.  I’m so mad I didn’t get a picture of it.  But trust, it was awesome.  Recipe: 2 bottles moscato wine, 2 bottles Sprite, 2 cans/tubes of frozen pink lemonade.  Mix together, slice up a lemon or lime to float in the punch and serve.  SO good.  Everyone loved it.  Thanks for the recipe Bonnie!

Sara arrived a half hour before everyone else to set up.  She set up the table in such a cute way with trays with all our supplies we’d need.    Here’s a close up of each place setting.   We were able to take notes in the inside of each flier that she made.  So cute!  First Sara told us all about essential oils and what they are, how to use them etc.  Then she passed around each of the eleven oils that come in the Premier Starter Kit from Young Living.   We all smelled the oils and picked out our favorites (Stress Away!!!)  Then we got to work.  We made body wash, linen/room spray, and sugar scrub.  Sara had made lip balms for all of us ahead of time.  And at the party she made us whipped body butter.  It was all so easy!  And by the end of it we all smelled amazing! Check out the finished products!   If you’d like to smell amazing like us and be able to make all your own bath and body products, you can sign up for the premier starter kit here.

Unboxing: April’s BoxyCharm Box

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My April BoxyCharm is here and full of goodness! 

Here’s what I received:

  • Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette. Full size. $39.95.  Gorgeous eyeshadow palette with 20 shades.   Lots of pretty neutrals in matte and shimmer finishes.
  • OFRA Derma Mineral Powder in Pink Sapphire. Full size. $35. This powder is so beautiful!  I can’t wait to use it!  It’s got natural sunscreen in it and can be used on face and body.  It’s a pale pink shimmer!
  • Vincent Longo Duo Lip Pencil in Lavender Lite and Grape. Full size $26. Lovely colors that will go great with my skin tone! 
  • Coolway Smoothing Lotion. Full size. $24.95.  This is a hair smoothing lotion to prevent frizz and flyaways.  Smells so nice! 
  • Harvey Prince Mini Roller Fragrance. Mini. $21. This roller perfume smells so good and is the perfect size for my purse and travel! 

Want to join in and get your own amazing BoxyCharm box??  Click here!

Unboxing: Boxycharm March 2015

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My Boxycharm box arrived and I’m so excited about it! Here’s what I received:  

-Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo.  $11. Travel Size.  I’m very excited to try this.  I’ve heard so much about how amazing Oscar Blandi products are and I love a good dry shampoo!  

-OFRA Eyeliner in Coffee Bean.  $13.  Full Size.  This is a water resistant pencil in a pretty dark brown. 

-LVX Nail Lacquer in Lemondrop. $16. Full Size.  I am in LOVE with this sunny yellow polish!  

-tarte LipSurgence lip tint in Charmed. $24. Full Size.  This is a really pretty pale pink. It’s a creamy balm. Perfect for Spring!  

-Previse Nutrify Skin Type 1-6 Universal Tonic. $48. Full Size.  This is a skin oil that you apply after cleaning your face.  It hydrates your skin and fights free radicals.  I’m really excited to try this as my skin tends to be really dry.  

If you’d like to start receiving Boxycharm boxes each month click here:


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