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I’m so excited to tell you that I’ve found 3 little girls that we’ve submitted our home study for! I combed the websites looking for a sibling group of 2 girls, or a boy and a girl but no such luck.  But I did find 3 single girls.  One is in the south. Not sure of exact age.  One is in Mid West, she’s 9.  She’s super cute.  Then the last one is 8 in the NorthEast.  As soon as I saw her and read her profile I felt an immediate connection.

So I emailed our social worker and gave her the links to the girls and asked for her to submit our home study to those girls’ social workers.  Not sure how long it will take from here.  We have to be approved by the girls’ social worker, then we’d start the visits.  The number of visits to be determined by the girls’ soc worker.  CSP is ALL about having an only child.  So this could be one of those things like they say “You make plans and God laughs”.  We could end up with just one after all!  We can’t have more than 1 at the same time unless they are siblings.  So if one comes home then we’d have to wait a year and start the process over again.  That’s something I don’t think CSP would be too keen on doing.  I barely got him through the process this time around!

So fingers crossed we will hear something soon from our social worker!!!  SO excited!  I’m obsessed!

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  1. How exciting! At first I thought you were trying to get all 3 girls at the same time and wondered how that works. I hope you get chosen for one (or all?) of them! How old are they?

  2. sorry, saw you put the ages in the post!

  3. What wonderful and exciting news!!! Can’t wait ti hear more. xo

  4. Praying for you guys & each of the girls.

  5. Good luck! We will be praying for you.

  6. I am so excited for you – long time reader of your blog. This news made my day and I will keep you both (and the girls) in my thoughts. can’t wait to hear you are a mom!


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