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Day 30 of 30 Days of Thanks- Wanderlust

I’ve got itchy feet.  By that I mean it’s usually not too long before I’m itching to travel somewhere or move houses or just get out and explore.  I’m really thankful for that.  I know people who have NEVER been on a vacation!  Ever!  I just can’t imagine that!  I mean, I know that it’s …

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Day 29 of 30 Days of Thanks- Health

I’m thankful for my health.  It isn’t the greatest- I have PCOS, Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Arthritis, and Severe Psoriasis.  But I can still get around and do most of the things I like to do.  I still have a pretty fantastic life.  So for that I’m thankful.

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Day 28 of 30 Days of Thanks- Faith

I’m so thankful for my faith.  I’m not one to preach or yell from the rooftops, but my faith does play a large part in my life.  It’s what got me through my infertility troubles and health problems.  Just knowing that God has a plan for me is great comfort. 

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Day 27 of 30 Days of Thanks- North Carolina

I am thankful for where I live.  It’s beautiful here.   Granted it gets hot as fire during the summer but it’s worth it.  We live right in the middle of the beach and the mountains.  We can get to either in just a few hours.  There are trees everywhere and we get to enjoy …

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Day 26 of 30 Days of Thanks- Baby, it’s cold outside

I’m thankful for the chilly weather.  In the Carolinas the chill doesn’t last long so I really have to enjoy it while I can.  I think I’m in the minority around here.  Everyone else seems to really enjoy the summers but heat and I don’t mix well.  So I’m really loving it right now!  Blue …

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Day 25 of 30 Days of Thanks- iPhone

I’ve never been so thankful for a piece of technology.  But I seriously love my iPhone and can’t imagine life without it.  From the turn by turn directions to texting to the weather app to the iPod feature- I use it all day, every day!

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Day 24 of 30 Days of Thanks- GPS

I’m so thankful for GPS.  God bless whoever came up with this concept.  And I’m even more grateful that with the last update on my iPhone I can get turn by turn directions spoken to me through my radio speakers.  I’m no good at directions or learning my way around so I rely heavily on …

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Day 23 of 30 Days of Thanks- Movies

I’m thankful for the movies.  I love escaping for 2 hours.  I love everything about the movies.  The big, comfy seats, the snacks,  the sounds, being surrounded by people who love the movies too.  I love going to the movies more than renting them, but there’s something to be said for cuddling up in bed …

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Day 22 of 30 Days of Thanks- Today

I am thankful for today.  I’m thankful for a chance to get together with family and friends for the sole purpose of recognizing our blessings and just enjoying each other’s company.  I’m thankful there will be a wonderful meal prepared and even more wonderful people with which to share that meal!   Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Day 21 of 30 Days of Thanks- Silly stuff

I am thankful for all the silly stuff that runs around on the internet and tv.  Like Honey Boo Boo.  (trust me- turn it on and you can’t look away).  And Grumpy Cat.  I LOVE Grumpy Cat and never get tired of looking at him!  It kills me how he looks just like Jeremy Renner! …

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