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Dude!!! Centipede!!!

Centipede!! On my iPhone!!! I’m back at Skateworld in 1987!!

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Double digits baby!

We’re in the double digits now!  Less that 100 days til we cruise the new Disney ship the Fantasy!  We are SO excited!  I’ve actually talked CSP into doing an excursion on Grand Cayman.  This is a huge deal.  Instead of saying “Where are we visiting?” he says “How many times do I have to …

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Adoption Update- Halloween 2012

Final Adoption Class- Scheduled for November 5.  It’s Med Admin.  Because we will technically be fostering our kids for the 6 months or so that they live with us prior to their adoptions being final we are required to take this class.  It’s the most tedious thing but I understand why they teach it.  Basically …

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Birchbox #1

My friend Christina talked me into signing up for Birchbox.  I had never heard of Birchbox before she told me, but it’s great for a beauty product junkie like me!  I went to the website and signed up on the waiting list.  A couple weeks later I received an email saying I could sign up …

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Positively Positive

Lately a couple people have said to me that they are amazed I’m able to stay so positive with all the ups and downs and hoops this adoption journey has brought me through.  It isn’t every day that I’m super bubbles and butterflies positive.  There have even been times when I’ve questioned whether we should …

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Adoption Update- Fall 2012

Yes, we’re still adopting.  Yes, it’s been a looooong time.  10 years actually since we started trying to have a baby.  BUT we’re closer than ever!  Our agency has come up with some more classes we have to take (9 this month), but then after that we can be matched.  Once the classes are completed …

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