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Behind the scenes at the Birthday Tattoo Extravaganza!

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A couple of weeks ago I was swimming at Papa & Gigi’s with Sara, the boys, and Papa & Gigi.  I’d been thinking about getting a family tattoo.   One that we’d all get in the same place, a matching tattoo.  So we started talking about it.  By the end of the day we’d come up with a rough draft of a design.  One that incorporated all of our initials: P, S, S, M.  We were talking about when should we get it?  Well, we were all getting together on Saturday August 4th for my birthday so that seemed like the perfect time!

I called around to a few tattoo places to get us an appointment.  I found 510 Expert Tattoo  in NoDa online and was pleased to see that they have a really high Google recommendation score. I made our appointment for 1-5 on Saturday.  I was so excited!  The 4th couldn’t get here fast enough!

My birthday weekend came and we all met up at Papa & Gigi’s.  Papa was babysitting the boys for us.  Morgan, Gigi, Sara and I piled into my car and off we went.  Our first stop was lunch at Crepe Cellar.  SO yummy!  And right next to 510.  We all had a glass of liquid courage with lunch and then it was time to go get tatted up! Read the rest of this entry


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