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And finally, Christmas

This year we celebrated Christmas Eve with my family and we were supposed to celebrate Christmas Day with CSP’s side.  But his Gramy had a stroke the week before Christmas.  So his parents went to be with her in Minnesota.  And then Gramy died on Christmas Day.  So once his parents came home from MN …

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Pug fix

I’ve been a terrible pug bloggy mom lately.  All of my girls have had birthdays in the last 2 months.  I told you about Kiki turning 8 on December 11.  On December 24th Zoe turned 4 and on January 18th  Molly turned 6.  So in honor of my puggies here are some recent pics of …

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I’m laying in bed listening to CSP snore. I’m plenty tired but can’t sleep. I am shocked and ashamed to see that I’ve only blogged once all month. I have GOT to get better at blogging again. I still blame Facebook. I upgraded my phone the other night and now have the iPhone 4S. I …

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Glitter on glitter action, baby

I wasn’t planning on blogging about every manicure I get I swear.  But I just received so many compliments on this one that it begged a mention.  Christina and I went and got Christmas manicures on December 17.  This is what it looked like 3 weeks later!  It’s hard to see in the picture but …

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