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Launch party in the works!

I am now officially an independent consultant for Thirty-One gifts!  Yay!  I’m so excited!  My official launch party is next Saturday, September 10.  If you are local to Charlotte (and I know you) and you’d like an invite, just leave a comment and let me know!  If you are not local but you’d like to …

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Mountain getaway & a little high country scoop!

Last week CSP & I spent Monday through Friday in Valle Crucis, NC with the pugs.  We love being able to go up to the mountains and haven’t been able to for a while.  Time seems to go a little slower up there with no internet, dvr, etc and we just love it.  We didn’t …

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Birthday Grill

CSP grilled dinner for my birthday this year.  I watched the baby during the day then when I got home we had dinner with his parents.  CSP made my favorites.  Shrimp:  and zucchini .  FIL made yummy mushroom risotto.   For dessert MIL made Derby pie– my favorite!   SO good!   Hope my birthday wish comes true!

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Birthday Buffet

Tuesday afternoon we took Blanca to get a good wash and vacuum then went to pick up Papa & Gigi.  We drove down to Columbia and picked up Momo & Ian after a quick tour of their new digs.   Then it was off to Shealy’s for my birthday dinner!   Half the fun was just …

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Birthday Girl

Today I am  years old.  I don’t think I feel 38.  Of course I’ve only been 38 for a few hours so who knows what 38 really feels like?  I just know I still feel like I’m 15 on the inside!

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No more dirty hos

I’ve always wondered where to take dirty hos for cleaning! 

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It’s August and that means it’s my birthday month!  The beginning of a new month also means it’s time to update my desktop wallpaper.  I checked out Smashing Magazine’s offerings for August and chose this one.

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