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Amazon mom

Do y’all know about Amazon mom?  If you are a mom, dad, grandparent, or caregiver of a child you need to go sign up.   You get FREE 2 day shipping and 30% off diapers and wipes.  And it’s free to sign up.  Nice!  

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Toe fringe for lunch?

Remember the ridiculous restaurant art I showed you a little while ago?   The dude had feet for hands.  Well Gigi and I went back to the same restaurant for lunch again recently and I snapped a picture of our favorite vignette.  I totally get what the artist was going for, but when they tried …

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3 times the pug

Every Spring we take the pugs for their annual vet visit.  We’ve been going to our vet for over 12 years now!  We LOVE our vet people.  They love our pugs and really care about them.  Even still, Kiki gets nervous. Here she is hiding behind CSP’s legs:   Poor thing, she looks so miserable.   But …

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Can you get a Nobel Peace Prize for inventing this?

Kiki is allergic to grass.  She has to take a very large pill every other day.  These pills are more expensive than any pill I take.  Getting them down her tiny, obstinate throat has been a challenge the likes of which I’ve never encountered.   We’ve tried EVERYTHING.  Hot dogs, peanut butter,  ham, tuna, turkey, …

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Stoned all up in my head

You know that thing under your tongue?  Well mine has been swelling up and hurting a good bit lately.  I asked my dentist about it and she poked around in there and told me that I have a salivary gland disorder.  Wha?  She said I may notice that thing under my tongue turn white.  If …

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Best seat in the house

We were finally able to get a flat screen tv back in November (granted it’s only 3 inches bigger than our last tv, but we had tv niche size issues to deal with).  You can see this tv from across the room easy peasy.  Yet I’ll still find CSP standing right in front of it …

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Peeps soap!

Squee!  Adorable!

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You should be beaten for my entertainment!?!

You may not know this, but if you go to a circus that features animals, namely Ringling Brothers among others, then you support animal abuse with the money you use to pay for a ticket.  So many people seem to think that it’s PETA getting all worked up.  But just Google “circus animal abuse” and …

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DIY tasty stache

I wanted to make fun party favors for Shannon G’s baby shower so of course I decided to try something I’ve never done before and make chocolate lollipops.  I found a mustache mold online and bought the dark chocolate melts at Party City.  I melted the chocolate in the microwave and spooned it into the …

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I’m Southern. I should be able to do this in my sleep.

It seems no matter what I do I can’t make deviled eggs lately to save my life.  I boil the eggs and put them in ice water and let them cool.  Now here comes the problem- I peel them and they look like they’ve been tumbled in a bag of gravel!  Look at my last …

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