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Beans don’t burn on the grill

We moved into our current house 4 years ago.  Since then CSP has been transferred to a new district.  Now the possibility of him ever working anywhere near our house is pretty slim.  In fact, his commute has steadily gotten longer and now is an hour long one way.  To keep his sanity we’ve decided …

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If only CSP had an iPhone…

I’d snatch up this case for him! 

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Spleen free!

Yesterday Sara had her spleen removed to fix her sickness she’s been dealing with for the last 5 years.  She came through the surgery like a champ!   She was in pain and had some vomiting but was able to come home from the hospital this afternoon.   When we were at the hospital visiting …

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I was on the phone with my Mom the other day: Gigi-  No one uses the pool anymore. Me- Well, not since you can get electrocuted! Gigi- It did become ungrounded when they switched it over to salt water.  Remember when we’d try and get each other to touch the sides and get shocked? Yes, …

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Spending money in style

I finally used up all the checks I ordered when we moved in here 4 years ago so I searched around for some cute new checks.  I found these adorable skullie checks! They come in 4 different colors and even have matching address labels.  Plus I found a coupon code online so I got 2 …

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Facebook has sucked the brains out of my head

I used to be witty.  I used to write.  Often.  I used to blog.  Often.  Now do you know what I’m concerned about?  Planting enough flax on Frontierville to meet my goals and building my haunted house on Farmville.  What the hell is wrong with me?  It has infected my family too.  I’ve noticed that …

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