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CSP’s slow descent into Crazy Town

Maybe it’s all men, maybe it’s just mine, but I’m noticing some nuttiness lately that can’t be explained.  Example, the following picture:  This is CSP giving me the finger because I’m trying to capture for posterity how cute he looks in his new glasses.  He was convinced the picture would end up on the internet. …

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Then & now

Nine years ago when I started blogging: I had recently started reading these things called blogs.  The first one I really liked was LJC.   Jenny’s blog inspired me to start my own. CSP & I were newlyweds of 5 months.  We were researching where to buy our first house. We were also already trying …

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Time flies when you’re blogging fun

Today my blog turns nine years old!  I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for almost a decade!

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Super Shanny!

I saw this on Jenny’s blog & had to jump on it.   The Hero Factory lets you turn yourself into a super hero!  If you’re a girl you apparently get a set of super boobs! :D  I love when I have super hero dreams.  My favorite are the flying dreams.  A close second would …

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It’s about time!

We were so excited when this week’s Time Magazine came in the mail.  A pug made the cover!

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Hell on wheels

Last night Christina and I went to the roller derby!  It was so fun!  It all started when I watched the movie Whip It.  I grew up spending most of my summers in my family’s skating rink in Florida.  I could skate by the time I was 2 years old.  Then I graduated high school …

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The day I turned 37

On my actual birthday CSP & I slept late then I got a call from Sara.  She was right outside with the boys!   They had flowers and a handmade birthday card for me. We visited for a couple hours before they left. CSP & I decided to just chill at home that night so …

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Birthday shopping

One of my birthday presents this year was a gift card to Amazon from Aunt Marsha & Uncle Larry.  Yay!  That’s like a gift card to the world!  I’ve been wanting a complete set of makeup brushes for a long time.  Well, forever since I’ve never had one complete set.  I thought I was going …

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Final Birthday Dinner

CSP & I went out for our own birthday dinner celebration.  I wanted to go somewhere low key.   We love Captain Steve’s but hadn’t been in a while so we went there. I got their fabulous shrimp cocktail along with their yummy grilled chicken salad. CSP got his usual salt and pepper catfish & …

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Birthday Eve

The night before my birthday CSP & I drove out to his parents house for my birthday celebration. We stopped for cherry limeades at Sonic on the way out.  My MIL had gorgeous sunflowers out on display for my dinner.  They had made a yummy fruity salad with a ginger lime dressing, lasagne, and my …

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