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A very puggy Christmas

Zoe is crate trained and has to be in her crate anytime we leave the house.  She still has a LOT of mischievous puppy in her.  We try really hard not to leave her in her crate for more than a few hours at a time.  So we try to take her with us to …

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Some of my favorite ornaments. This one is huge. I decided to hang it in between the big windows in our living room. I love this little silver and glass tea pot. Love this swirly purple one. I really love these huge, mega sparkly balls. And of course, the stained glass star. CSP and I …

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O Tannenbaum

I was excited to put up our tree this year because we skipped it last year.  Last year Zoe was so young we were worried she would chew on the tree.  She did great this year and left the tree alone.  Here it is. We put it in the corner of the living room next …

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Be Heifer!

Tonight CSP & Papa went to see the Carolina Panthers play the Minnesota Vikings here in Charlotte. CSP was SO excited!  It was his first time seeing his beloved Vikings in 20 years, since he lived in Minnesota where he was born.  My boys were so cute all done up in their respective team gear. …

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Slacker Elf

So, there won’t be a pug picture in this year’s Christmas cards.  :(  I’m bummed about it but there’s nothing I can do at this point.  We were late getting our tree  and decorations up and those serve as the backdrop for the picture.  So please accept my apologies, family and friends and just picture …

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Get ready to squeal

A few weeks ago Lisa sent me the link to a YouTube video that was so gross & squeal worthy I promptly forwarded it to friends and family. Out of curiosity I thought I’d see if anyone else out there thought to record their zits, cysts, & boils. Oh Em Gee. You would NOT BELIEVE …

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I heart the birthday boy

Saturday was CSP’s 38th birthday! We went out to his parents’ house for his birthday dinner. We brought them their Christmas tree and CSP helped his dad set it up. The Christmas tree lots in their town aren’t as good as the ones in our town so we picked up their tree for them. They …

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Gettin down with Gmommy

Friday night was the annual nursing home Christmas extravaganza. Sara, Jacob, Joey, Momo, her friend Brittany, Papa, Gigi & I all turned out to celebrate with Gmommy. The nursing home put out a yummy buffet of Southern holiday favorites: sweet potatoes with marshmallows, green been casserole, ham, turkey, pies, mac & cheese, the works. After …

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Respect the ‘stache

I’ve noticed lately that the mustache had made a comeback!  Maybe not on lots of faces, but definitely on gifts and fun housewares.  Some may claim differently, but I’m sure the ‘stache’s newfound popularity is thanks to me & Senor Mustachio.  Senor Mustachio is Shannon HG’s husband Tony.  I met him and his stache and …

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6, or 42 in pug years

My sweet Kiki is 6 years old today!  I can’t believe that 6 years ago our IKEA Li Mei Fun was born! She was such a little peanut! She’s grown up into quite the character and she makes us laugh every day.  We love her so much! Happy Birthday Kiki!

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