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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Cyber Monday Blues

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It’s Cyber Monday, one of the busiest Internet shopping days of the year. And here I sit with no computer! But that’s ok, I’m on a budget. Don’t get caught in the slow lane of the information superhighway. Hop onto, where you’ll find terrific products plus free standard shipping and handling on 10,000 items—our largest selection of the year! Go ahead and multitask: watch QVC and get your shopping done early and easily, so you can savor the sweetness of the season. From computers to cookware, don’t just shop. Q.

Link to Cyber Monday items:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hope everyone has a great day! I’m thankful for many things but I’ll definitely be thankful when we get our new computer & I can blog properly again!

A Dell of a giveaway

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Become a fan of QVC’s Facebook page ( where they are giving away a Mini Dell Netbook each day (11/24-28) starting today in celebration of The New Black Friday on QVC. Make sure to also visit starting at 8pm ET on 11/26 for an EARLY ONLINE-ONLY Today’s Special Value™ on Dell.

Great deals and none of the shopping craziness!

Tweet swag

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Hey Tweeps,
Swatch is on Twitter at They are trying to reach 2500 followers by Dec 1st. If that happens, they’ll randomly give away a Swatch a day until 12/31!

Ooh, maybe I’ll win the New White Full Blooded Swatch!

Starbucks, why you wanna do me this way?

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Dear Starbucks,
Over the summer I searched high and low for the insulated cold drink tumbler until I finally found it online. I loved it. Now it’s the holiday season and you’ve come out with a tumbler with an adorable red and white candy cane swirl. Now, there’s no point in me spending $16 for an identical tumbler just for the straw. So can I get the straw seperate? NO. Unfair, Starbucks. Unfair. You have ruined my relationship with my boring green straw because as hard as it tries it will never be red, white and jaunty.

New Swoon

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Today Gigi & I met up for lunch. We had lots to talk about, what, with my trip ending so horribly and all. After lunch we went to the theatre to try and see New Moon. But as we walked up we noticed a huge long line. We made some back up choices. I asked the ticket lady about the line. She said it was for the 3:50 showing but the 3:15 showing was still available, that they had only sold 60% of the available tickets. It was 3:20. She said they were still showing previews. We bought our tickets then I stood in line for the drinks while Gigi went to get our seats. We made it in! It was so good! I hate all the team Edward & team Jacob stuff I’m seeing because I can’t pick! I wanna be on both teams! The only thing I don’t like about these movies is wooden Kristen Stewart. I’m sure she’s a lovely girl but come on! She sounds and looks the same when she’s opening a birthday present or when she’s supposed to be terrified. She’s gonna bite that lip right off! At one point I noticed out of the corner of my eye Gigi’s hand was outstretched. She was reaching for Jacob. Bahaha! We felt a bit like pervy cougars but YOU try looking at shirtless wolf boys and sparkly vamp guys for 2 hours and not drool a bit. Or at least let out a little “Oh my!”

Couldn’t get home fast enough

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I’m back from my trip. Started out well, ended horribly. Like movie of the week horribly. Nightmares horribly. So if I post about the bad stuff it will be password protected. Lemme know if you need the pw. Heyshanny at gmail dot com.
Still recovering. Still no computer so pics will be limited for a bit.
Bear/bare with me.


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