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Things that just need to stop right now

Please, I beg of you, stop it.  If you are guilty of one of the crimes below, please know that I ask you to stop out of love. Giraffe print bags.  OMG these are EVERYWHERE.  Listen up, if you are carrying the same bag as every other woman in the mall, then it’s time to …

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The Cruelest Show on Earth

You all know I’m an animal lover.  My love for animals goes way beyond my 3 pugs.  I was recently heartbroken when I saw a video made this year at Ringling Brothers Circus.  I’ve never been a fan of the circus and I’ve long known that they abuse animals, but to see that STILL, in …

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Tiny Bladders Rejoice!

FINALLY there is a resource online for those of us who can’t sit through a long movie without having to run pee. is so awesome I can barely contain myself!  They screen all the new movies that are currently out in the theater.  Then they post the best times to go pee.  And it’s …

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New iGoogle Comic Themes

I have a short attention span and like to change out my iGoogle theme quite often.  So imagine my delight when I saw the new crop of iGoogle new comic themes! Owly & ALIEEEN are my faves.

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Just keep fwimming

Yesterday Shannon & Emily met me over at Papa & Gigi’s house.  P&G were still at church.  We let ourselves in, changed into our swimsuits, put on sunscreen & hit the pool!   We swam for a long time.  It was fun playing with Emmy & chatting with Shannon.  Emily LOVES to “fwim”.  Gah she is …

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Blew me away

CSP & I were at Lowe’s the other day and I snuck a hummingbird feeder into the buggy. He didn’t think it was going to work. That I’d fill it up with nectar and it would sit lonely in the back yard. Within 24 hours 3 hummingbirds had declared our feeder to be their new …

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Technicolor fizz

CSP & I were out running errands the other day when we saw this cool Pepsi display. Love the fun colors!

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In case you missed it…

Buried at the bottom of my trip report on the last visit to Valle Crucis was a bunch of pictures we took on the last night.  Papa, Gigi, Sara & Momo lined up on the porch with their glow sticks. Jake & Joey provided sideline art with their glow sticks. I stood in the lawn …

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Members Only

After I uploaded my recent Valle Crucis pictures to flickr I looked for a Valle Crucis flickr group.  There wasn’t one so I started one.  We’re already up to 11 members. I love looking at my favorite spot through other peoples’ eyes. If you’ve ever visited VC & have pics, please join our group and …

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Summer Loves

When I love something I like to share it with my peeps. I don’t get paid for pimpin out my Summer loves and I don’t get swag either.  I sure wouldn’t turn either one down though! :) Mega Shower Foamer~  This stuff seriously works.  I loathe cleaning the shower and bathtub.  I’d seriously rather clean …

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