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Today Momo & I painted faces for the Chantilly Flutterfest.  Three and a half hours of non stop little faces in our chairs asking for rainbows, hearts, and most surprisingly, snakes.  I swear I’ve never painted so many snakes!  My favorite request was a little girl who wanted me to paint a self portrait on …

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Because I love the little star bullets

Kind of a lot going on lately. Booked hotel & flight to Vegas, baby!  So excited!  CSP has Vegas programmed into the custom weather tracker thing on the tv.  He checks it all the time.  I’m like what’s to check?  It’s constantly hellishly hot.  Our room at the Paris is only $69 a night!  Woot!  …

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Missing the point

I was in the living room when I heard a bit of commotion in the kitchen behind me. CSP:  Son of a bitch! Me:  Who are you calling a son of a bitch? CSP:  Zoe! Me:  Honey, you can’t call her a son of a bitch, she’s a girl! CSP:  Oh yeah.  You’re right. Hmmm. …

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Slim pickings

What I had for dinner last night: 2 eggs  1 pack of Ramen Noodles  1 can of pineapple chunks  Yeah.  I need to go grocery shopping.

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Happy Birthday to my talented sister Sara!

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Shanny & CSP: Origins

11 years ago today CSP & I became inseparable. This is how it happened… I have been friends with my BIL, Marc, since 1992.  Our group of friends would go on a fun trip once a year or so.  Well in 1998 we chose to take a 7 day cruise to the Southeast Caribbean.  Marc, …

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They only look sweet and innocent

Last night CSP & I gave the three pugs a bath. We’ve got it down to a science. I get in the tub. CSP hands me a pug. I wash the pug & hand said pug back to CSP who dries her off.  So on and so on. After their bath we settled in to …

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Budget Birthday Bonanza

Speaking of birthdays, mine is coming up on August 3rd. We have a credit card that accrues miles with each dollar spent.  Recently I started noticing that some of my miles were disappearing from my balance.  We’ve been using this card for years.  We started it so we could earn enough miles to go to …

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Happy Birthday Lisie!

Happy Birthday to sweet, funny, wonderful Lisa!

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Salty dogs

Papa & Gigi converted their pool to salt water a couple months ago, just in time for the warm weather.  I tried it out on Mother’s Day.  Morgan, Mom & I swam for just over 2 hours.  The difference between the chlorinated pool and the salt water pool is just amazing! Cons: the initial cost …

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