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Sara health update

Time for an update on my sister Sara’s health situation. To review: for months and months now she’s been dealing with anemia & an enlarged spleen. Doctors in Charlotte have not been able to figure out what’s wrong with her and they also can’t decide if they should take her spleen out or leave it …

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Just in case the 80s really do come back

When I was in middle school in the 80s I got my ears double pierced and my left ear triple pierced.  That made me three times cooler than the average chick, ya know.  Every now and then I’ll find myself poking an earring back through those extra holes.  I haven’t worn earrings in those holes …

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I heart Twitter

Twitter is partly to blame for my lack of blogging lately. But don’t be mad at Twitter, good things happen there.  For instance, Hugh Jackman, yep, the real Hugh Jackman tweets.  And he started a contest on Twitter where he’d donate $100,000 to a tweeter’s favorite charity.  You had to tweet him the charity & …

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Blogger’s Block

I’m also having a bit of blogger’s block.  I’m going to attribute this to CSP being on vacation this week.  That means I’m spending less time at the computer, less time writing in my journal, less time writing in general, cause I’m spending all my time hanging with my homeboy.  Facebook & Twitter aren’t suffering.  …

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Reader’s block

I’ve done pretty well with my reading this year up until a week or so ago.  Here’s my list of books read so far in 2009: Black Notice, Patricia Cornwell True Believer, Nicholas Sparks A Walk to Remember, Nicholas Sparks All About Him, Denise Jackson The Lucky One, Nicholas Sparks Remember Me?, Sophie Kinsella Change …

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VET = Very Expensive Trip

Monday CSP & I loaded up all the pugs and went off to their yearly vet check up. On the way there they were all smiles. At one point traffic was stopped on the highway as this guy wrangled a huge turtle off the road with what looked like a length of seat belt. Forgive …

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Carolina Blue Birthday

Friday was Papa’s birthday.  Saturday we gathered together over at Papa & Gigi’s house to celebrate.  I baked Papa a Carolina Blue cake to celebrate the occasion. I used this cake as inspiration. First I mixed up white cake mix then separated it out into two bowls. Then I colored one with Wilton icing color …

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Almond Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Easiest cookies in the world to make.  SO good.  So first you need to buy some Absolutely Almond Pound Cake Mix from Tastefully Simple.  I used this recipe and added to it. Ingredients 8 oz. pkg. softened cream cheese 1/2 cup (1 stick) softened butter 1 egg Absolutely Almond Pound Cake Mix™ Directions Combine first …

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Sweet standoff

We were having a baked good situation in our house that finally came to a head last night.  You see, when I was baking my BIL’s birthday cake at the beginning of the month, CSP was whining that he wanted his own chocolate cake.  So I baked him a chocolate cake.  And that was fine.  …

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Puggy goodness

Zoe went out with me the other day while I ran errands. She LOVES going for rides. We just did a bunch of drive through things (dropped off mail at the blue post office box, dropped off library books, etc). She had a great time. When we got home we hung out on the porch …

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