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PhoBlo, yo

Today is day 1 of Late Winter 2009 Photo Bloggy Days.  I am not documenting today because really all today is for me is meds, naps, and oatmeal.  I have another ear infection.  But tomorrow I’m gonna have to drag myself around town so there will be more exciting things to photograph. I will post …

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Don’t forget!

Take your camera with you to bed tonight so you’ll wake up with it tomorrow!  PhoBloDays are here!

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Everyone’s a critic

American Idol is coming on tonight.  Just like every other week I will record the episode on the dvr so I can skip commercials and rewind if necessary.  And then I will sit there and judge these people.  I know, I know, thou shalt not judge and glass houses and all.  But I can’t help …

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Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

Happy Mardi Gras! My present to you?  It’s time for Spring Photo Bloggy Days!   When? Friday & Saturday February 27 & 28, 2009 What to do? Take a picture at least once every 2 hours. Photograph everything: your breakfast, the inside of your shower, your view when you wake up, what you see on your …

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Bow to the Swedes!

Yesterday morning I woke up early (it can be done) and picked up Sara at her house.  We drove to IKEA to drop off our sweepstakes entries in the hopes to be one ( or two) of the 10 who will win a $1000 gift card.  There were a ton of flag people directing us …

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CSP earns another safety badge

For those of you who don’t know, CSP is my husband Jon.  He doesn’t like for me to put his name on the WORLD WIDE WEB so he needed a nickname.  Luckily my girlfriends stepped in and came up with Captain Safety Pants- CSP for short.  He is called this because he is OBSESSED with …

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CSP plays patty cake with Zoe (sort of)

CSP plays patty cake with Zoe (sort of) Originally uploaded by heyshanny CSP has this thing he does with Zoe that just cracks me up. They both lay down on their bellies and he slaps the ground. Zoe copies him. Then a slapfest ensues. Love it!  ***Let the whole thing load before you watch.  It’s …

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IKEA madness

Sunday night on my way home from Papa & Gigi’s house I drove by the new IKEA.  I took a couple of pictures, but didn’t get too close.  It was cold and rainy and there were cones up everywhere.  Tonight CSP & I drove by again after running a bunch of errands. There was a …

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Times are tight, man

Had to break into the puggy bank. But now we can plan a nice anniversary dinner! It will be 8 years on March 3rd!

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A very adult occasion

Friday night we went to my sister Sara‘s gallery debut. We all felt very grown up.  Two of her photos are now hanging in a gallery! That’s Marc (my BIL) and Sara with her photos. Sara framed them really nicely and the gallery put them in a great spot, right up front. There was lots …

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