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Jump jump

First I want to say thank you so much to all of you wonderful bloggy friends. You all left me such sweet, supportive comments and emails and it really means a lot to me. I felt your great big internet hugs and they made me feel so much better. We don’t know what we’re gonna …

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Thank you so much for your kind words and support regarding our adoption. It means so much to me. At this point our options are: Stay with our agency and switch countries or Leave our agency (and the thousands of dollars we’ve given them) and start fresh. Our agency doesn’t do domestic.

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Strange Mail & Search Terms

My favorite search term used to find my blog this week is “anal pickle”. Not exactly sure how those words brought someone to my blog. Mostly I talk about pugs and my daily life. And in my life never have those two terms been used together in any way! Also, I received some strange mail …

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Hitting another wall

My agency posted an update today on their website regarding adoptions in Guatemala.  It’s not good.  I don’t know what we’re going to do.  I haven’t told CSP yet.  He’s at work tonight and won’t be home til late.  I’ll tell him then.  It’s looking like if we want to adopt at all then we’ll …

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Little obsessions

~Meringue cookies. Trader Joe’s has these amazing meringues. YUM. I wanted to try and make my own. First with sugar, then with Splenda. But I can’t get my eggs to whip up. Ugh.  My poor mixer was all hot, it was working so hard.  CSP finally made me give it up.  But I’ll be trying …

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Zoe’s got an outie

I have SO MUCH TO TELL YOU, but Zoe’s story is taking first place today. I took Zoe down to the vet on Wednesday morning for her spay. -Tangent- how weird is it that some people have said things like “aw, you’re really going to spay her?” like it’s a bad thing. I mean, spaying …

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Things are sweeter in Tennessee*

CSP & I have a bit of wanderlust in us right now. We’ve always lived where we’ve lived because our parents took us there. Currently we live in a suburb of Charlotte. We’ve both been in the Charlotte area since 1990 when (separately) our parents moved us here. Periodically we’ll talk about where we might …

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Speaking of meat…

My honey gets so excited about grilling. He figures when the fire is hot he might as well grill up every single piece of meat in a 10 mile radius.  Right there you’re looking at pork chops (with Pampered Chef Greek Rub– YUM), chicken, & brats.  And all this was just for the 2 of …

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Peanut Butter Jelly With a Baseball Bat!

Today I was at Sara‘s to celebrate Father’s Day.  Papa & Gigi came over and we all chowed down on some awesome ribs my BIL smoked/grilled.  I gave Papa the best card.  It was just perfect.  I literally gasped out loud when I found it at Target.  And Papa cried when he read it!  It …

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Biting the hand that heals you

I clench my teeth at night and I’ve been using store bought bite/night/teeth guards but I’ve still been getting mega headaches. So I went to the dentist and they made impressions and sent them off to the lab to make me a new bite guard. I went in to get it fitted when the lab …

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