I should get a frequent flier card

Guess who has to have surgery again?!?  Yep, you guessed it, it’s me.  I apparently have torn my meniscus in my right knee.  Ugh.  So on the 22nd I’m going under the knife.  It’s an outpatient surgery though.  I’m excited to get it all fixed though and feeling better!


8 thoughts on “I should get a frequent flier card

  1. good grief Shanny!! You should at least get a discount!!! Have three surgeries, get the fourth for free or something!! : ) Good luck and I hope you start feeling better afterwards!

  2. Bummer of a birthmark Hal! (That’s my long way of saying bummer- who was that comic? Damn if his name just didn’t fly out of my head… Gary something?).

    Anyway, hope it goes smoothly- my brother had the same surgery and did very well!

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