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Kneed an update? See what I did there? With the pun? I’m on meds.

So you know those gorgeous flowers that CSP brought me? Well they make him sick. Eyes watering, nose running. Now they are living next door with Candice. Yay for her, boo for me. Now I’ll never get flowers again! Today we went and got my stitches out. The doctor gave me pictures of the insides …

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Zoe, ZoZo, Zoester

Zoe (it’s ZoEEEEE by the way. rhymes with Joey not Joe.) It drives Lisa nuts that we spell it this way, but that’s how it’s spelled. Means life. Zoe already has a couple of nicknames. Kiki doesn’t pay her much attention. Growls at her periodically. But she’s relaxing more around her now. Molly & Zoe …

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Wee ones

Thursday I took Zoe by to meet Jacob & Joey. Joey pet her then was on to something else, but Jake fell in love. He couldn’t pronounce her name and would call her ZZZZZZZZZZ-Joey. So cute. While I was there Sara relayed a story. Sara babysits a little boy who is Jake’s age. The other …

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I tell you what, I have felt so blessed in the last few days.  First I had my knee surgery and came home to an answering machine & mailbox full of get well messages.  My MIL met us up at the surgery center.  She stayed and kept CSP company while I was under the knife.  …

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Death in my extended family

My 17 year old sister Momo’s dad remarried about 8 years ago  His wife, B, has 2 kids.  The daughter is a junior (or sophomore) in college & the son is 22 & lives with his girlfriend.  So Momo has had step siblings for quite a few years.  Well today, Momo’s step brother didn’t wake …

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Alive & limping

I’m alive!  I can drag my gimp self around.  I have crutches for downstairs & my walker (leftover from my hysterectomy) for upstairs.  My head is super loopy right now and I’m on some good meds.  Apparently the surgery took longer than he thought it would because  I have arthritis in my knee. I’m getting …

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T minus 4 hours

It is 3:17 am.  I can’t sleep.  CSP is at work.  Poor guy has to work all night then come home and drive me to surgery.  We have to be at the surgical joint at 7 for my 9am surgery.  I don’t know why it never really clicked in my head that I would be …

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Our family is growing by 4 feet

CSP is addicted to pugs. He’s been jonesing for one for a while now. Come on Guatemala & open back up before my house becomes a kennel!! Anyway, our breeder hasn’t had any pugs since Molly’s litter 2 years ago. A couple days after Christmas I asked her if they were still breeding pugs. She …

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Seven strange things about me

Only 7? I was tagged by JoAnn. I have been blogging now for 6.5 years. So most of my quirks are out there already. I had to dig deep for some of these. I may lose some readers from this… Here are 7 strange, but true things about me: 1. I am an ordained minister. …

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Special surgical requests, Valentine’s Day, & puppy love

At the doctor’s office for my pre-op appointment we covered a lot of important topics: Dr: Have you had any previous surgeries? me: Yes. Would you like me to work my way back from the most recent? CSP: (leans in toward doctor) You’re going to run out of space there. Might wanna get another sheet …

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