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The circus is in town

The circus is here. And it just breaks my heart. I certainly won’t be going and won’t be taking my nephews or giving the circus money. I refuse to fund animal cruelty. Want to see what I’m talking about? Click here then click on Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey to see why I boycott …

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Over it

Things I’m over: What happens in ______ stays in ______. If I never hear this saying again it will be too soon. It is soooo over played. Live, Love, Laugh. It’s on EVERYTHING. Vera Bradley bags and knockoffs. Don’t get me wrong, I like some of the prints.  I really like the elephants.  But I …

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Catching up

I have so much to tell y’all. I have this “to blog about” draft with a long list, but other things keep happening and I just don’t have time to get to it all! My camera & I have been v.v. busy the last few days. First, on Thursday I went to visit with Shannon …

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Drumroll, please

I made a list of everyone who entered my little contest to win a free pair of earrings: Then I cut the names in to strips: Then folded the strips:I put the lid on the big Tupperware bowl and gave it a good shake:Then swirled them around one more time and drew a name with …

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Perks & Pesky Pug Pups

First I want to say thank you so much for all of your support with my shop! So exciting! And don’t forget to scroll down and enter the contest for free earrings (But you have to go visit my shop first!). CSP was able to pick a gift from a catalog to reward him for …

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Oh, and

So I was thinking and I’d like to name some jewelry items after my favorite bloggy peeps….that’s you!  So when you leave a comment entering your name in the free earrings contest, be sure to leave me your favorite color.   And you just might see something cute named after you in my shop! And check …

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Bellatini’s back, baby!

To celebrate the relaunch of my little jewelry making business I will be holding a little contest! Up for grabs, a free pair of earrings custom made for you in your favorite color. Just leave a comment and you’ll be entered. Drawing to be held Sunday February 27. And a special contest for you graphic …

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Take out

How cute are these food dishes I found for the pugs??? I wasn’t really in the market for dog dishes, but I saw these at World Market and couldn’t pass them up. Kiki’s real name is IKEA Li Mei Fun and Molly’s is Molly Xavier Mu Shu. They are Chinese pug dogs named after Chinese …

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Birthday babies!!!

Friday the 18th was Molly’s 2nd birthday and Joey’s 3rd birthday! Saturday night I went over to Sara’s house for Joey’s birthday dinner. . It was a smallish affair with just family and a couple close friends and their kids. I wanted to make growth charts for the boys’ birthdays but Sara said she wanted …

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More questions answered

Judy asked: Did you ever tell us where you get your fridge markers? I bought my first set at Target. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to carry them anymore. Now I get them from here. Meredith asked:  when do we, the general public, get to hear more about your adoption? Well, I think that answer requires …

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