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Happy HOWL-oween!!!

xoxo Shanny, Jon, Kiki & Molly

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Bloggy Parade of Homes- Halloween 2007

Welcome to the 2007 Halloween edition of Bloggy Parade of Homes! Please visit the links below to check out all of my bloggy peeps’ cool & spooky decor! Here’s my Mom’s house: Photos of my house will follow soon. I want to get pics at night with the lights glowing. Go visit: Lola Bean Ani …

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Today is BPOH day!

Today’s the day we’ll be posting our pictures of our homes all decked out for Halloween! This is just your little reminder. I’ve got to take Molly to get her anal glands expressed (FUN!) and get my car inspected. Then I’ll be home to post all the links and whatnot. So leave me a comment …

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Like a Boy Scout

I like to be prepared. So it’s that time of year again y’all. Christmas card season. If you received a card (and an adorable puggie pic) last year, then you can bet you’ll get one again this year. If you didn’t, but you’d like to, please email your address to heyshanny at gmail dot com. …

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New favorite

Have I mentioned my new favorite tv show this season?  The delightful Pushing Daisies.  At first the narrator got on my nerves, but the writing is smart and I adore the cast.  Plus a good bit of it takes place in a pie shop called the Pie Hole, and me being a pie lover, well, …

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I’m so excited! We’re all booked for Lisa’s wedding! On a Disney cruise!  So next Fall you will find us sailing away to Castaway Cay for Lisa & Pete’s beach wedding.  It’s going to be so beautiful and so fun!  Cool bonus for me, the Flying Dutchman ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies …

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Late bloomer

It took me just over 34 years but I finally like dill pickles. I’ve been working my way up to eating a dill pickle on it’s own, straight from the jar. I like dill. I like cucumbers. I even like sweet pickles. But the dill pickle scared me. I started with deep fried pickles with …

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Boo to you

Do you Boo? They Boo in my Mom’s neighborhood and I thought I would start it in my neighborhood. So I went to the store and bought treat bags, candy, Halloweenie toy thingies like plastic spiders & skeleton straws, some Dollar Store crayons and play dough and sparkly bag filler. I put it all together …

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Halloween BPOH!

Happy Halloween! I will be hosting another edition of Bloggy Parade of Homes.  This time we’ll be posting photos of our Halloween decorations inside and outside of our homes.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the Christmas & Halloween editions last year so we’re going for a repeat performance! If you would like to participate, please let …

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Slicing & Dicing

When I got home from Florida there were 11 Pampered Chef boxes for me to sort through. Quite a few of them contained my free goodies that I earned by doing the party. We also were able to buy cookware at 60% off! Woohoo! It’s so pretty and cleans up so easy peasy! The other …

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