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She lives…..

At 8:52 CSP called me and quickly handed the phone off to Shannon.  She is out of surgery and recovery!  Shannon is on all kinds of drugs, and is still in a bunch of pain.  As we were hanging up the nurse was there with some Demoral (sp?)!  Hopefully it will knock her out so …

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What Do You Want?

That is how CSP answered the phone when I called to check on my best friend Shannon.  Of course he was just kidding.  He only answered because I threatened last night to call every five minutes until he answered. ;)  He said Shannon was still in surgery.  She was supposed to go under the knife at …

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Thanks for that

Me: Yeah I’m having a hysterectomy on the 29th. Her: Oh wow. I’ve had a few friends have one of those. Me: Oh yeah? Her: Yeah. So take it easy and don’t over do it or you’ll pop your stitches and your intestines will fall out.

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Hysterectomy 101

You guys are so sweet and I just can’t tell you how much I adore all of you. I’m way behind on answering emails as my cough meds knock me out for a lot of the day and I spent yesterday afternoon with the garage door installation man. Oh, and I’ve been getting lots of …

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T minus…

Friday morning I went to my regular doctor because I can’t seem to shake this coughing/sneezing/can’t breathe thing, then hit Target to get my prescriptions. Then I had to go for my anesthesiology pre-op appointment. On the phone they told me to bring my cpap machine, which I did, which they didn’t need. I was …

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Photographic Evidence

My pics from Saturday and Sunday are here.

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Back to our regular programming

Well Bloggy Photo Days was a huge success and I want to thank all of you who participated. I plan on making this a seasonal thing so look for the next edition in the fall! It was harder than I thought to continuously take photos throughout the day. And then wouldn’t you know it, Saturday …

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I am just making a test post to make sure this works!

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You down wid PBD? Yeah you know me!

OK so you wanna see our pictures of Photo Bloggy Days?? Some of us bloggy peeps took our cameras with us today and photographed our daily lives. Click here for the Flickr group where you can see tons of pics. Or you can click below and go directly to their blogs: Ani Lisa Lisanne Christine …

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Photo Bloggy Days Reminder!!

Happy Summer Y’all! So we are going to photograph our days and share them with our bloggy world. If you’d like to take part remember to leave a comment on my blog or email me to let me know and I’ll link to you from there. Here’s the dealio: Take a picture at least once …

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