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Oh oh oh afternoon delight

I swear CSP & I are the worst at being on time anywhere. We could have a clear schedule all day with one appointment in the afternoon and still be pushing it to get there on time. Oy. We tried to get our passports this afternoon but Jon’s birth certificate was apparently not an official …

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Your Mama doesn’t buy Lite Beer.

That’s what my MIL told CSP last night so he wouldn’t have to worry she was wasting her money on crap beer. We went to dinner at the in-laws’ last night to visit with Jon’s Gramy who’s in town from Minnesota. OMG is that woman a crack up. 85 yrs old and lives alone in …

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Keep your hands to yourself

I’m a girl of a curious nature. And if I see something I’m interested in, I’m probably gonna touch it. This drives CSP up the wall. Lately if I do something he doesn’t approve of he reminds me that when Ling Ling comes home I’m going to have some behaviors to change. -You’re not gonna …

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Not nearly as organized as I wish I were

I’ve received lots of emails and comments about the new country and I’m composing a FAQ post to cover everything, but it’s not quite done yet. It will be up soon though. I want to make sure all of my facts are straight. I’m currently in a back and forth with our new case worker …

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Well, when you say it like that….

Today I went to lunch with my mom, Gmommy, Sara, & Joey.Then we went so my Mom & Gmommy could see Sara & Marc’s new house. Well, new to them. They currently live in a new construction house they’ve been in for a year and a half but they found a deal on an older …

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Yo, Gmommy

My Mom picked my Grandmommy up for the weekend. We went to lunch, then to get pedicures, then to see Shrek 3. You may remember me telling you about how my Gmommy has alzheimer’s. Well, as you can imagine it gets worse each time I see her. At this point she has a hard time …

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Protected: Get out the map

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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This week has been so busy. Jon was off Tuesday and Wednesday so we did a bunch of adoption related running around. Tuesday night after errand running we went to dinner at our favorite Mexican joint where CSP enjoyed a mega cerveza.Then Wednesday we did some more adoption running around (courthouse for background checks) then …

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Shower the people you love with love

The most horrifying baby shower cake ever. I don’t even know what else to say about this. Except if anything like that ever showed up at a shower for me, there’d be a fight.

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Strange-ology Tag Found this over at Krista’s. FOOD-OLOGY What is your salad dressing of choice? Ginger Mandarin What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Moe’s or Qdoba if I have time to run in. If it’s drive through then Jack in the Box or Chik-fil-A What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Have no clear cut …

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