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Cutting the cord, some other stuff, and a question for you

Saturday we awoke to a note on our door that our neighbor accidentally cut the telephone cable. This is a problem since our internet is DSL. I felt like a true American Pioneer as I tried to survive until today without phone or the web. It amazed me how often over the course of 2 …

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CSP gets a kiss from Molly

CSP gets a kiss from Molly Originally uploaded by heyshanny. It kills me the way she’s sitting on the back of the sofa & kind of on his shoulder at the same time. She’s the funniest little dog I’ve ever met.

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Like, gag me with a spoon y’all

I got in trouble the other day for my potty mouth. Moi? With a potty mouth? Can’t be! I rarely curse, and if I do it’s usually in the PG-13 range. Ass, damn, hell & if I’m really mad the occasional s&%t. But when I’m around kids I really do pay attention to how I …

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Reality check

I live in the Carolinas where we have 2 seasons- Summer & Not Quite Summer. It’s Summer now and I’m already ready for it to be over. SO hot. And it’s not even Hot Hot yet. Ugh. Ever have this happen to you? Out and about running around doing errands and what not and I …

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New Crocs!

And they’re called Pirate Crocs!

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Yesterday was my little sister Morgan’s first prom- her junior prom. I went over around noon and we had a lot of fun hanging out in the bathroom listening to music and doing hair and make up. My Mom did a killer job on Momo’s hair. And I did a kick ass job on her …

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Never has a roadside sign made me so happy

While the IKEA corporate site doesn’t mention my IKEA yet, the sign offers a glimmer of hope of the fabulous shopping experience to come. And don’t think I won’t be taking Kiki (full name IKEA Li Mei Fun) to the grand opening!

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Love thy neighbor

And I do.  I was lucky enough to get C as a neighbor and I adore her and her children.  Oh yeah, and her husband D too.  (But D’s a twin and there’s a picture of his twin with his family on the wall and it creeps me out cause it looks like D went …

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Alfred’s Mom interviewed me. Here are her questions! 1. If you could only visit the beach of the mountains for the rest of your life, never seeing the other again, which would you choose and why? It would be a tough decision, but I’d go with Beach. And I LOVE the mountains. But there’s something …

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Pug whisperer

Ok, so it seems that y’all are on board for the photoblog your day thing. I’m thinking we’ll do 2 days- a weekday and a weekend day so those of you trapped in cubeland M-F will have something more to take pics of during the day. And since a lot of you are going on …

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