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Today was my nephew Jake’s 4th birthday party. Sara had the backyard looking all cute and the kids had a big time. click on all photos to enlarge. I did face painting on the kids & on my BIL too.

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First here’s a picture of my hand post stitches & with what’s more of a dent than a to enlarge…if you dare. muhahaha! I delivered Jake’s bike to his house and met his new birthday hamster- Buzz. His girlfriend Charlotte’s mom painted the cage to look like a little bedroom. So cute!click to enlarge …

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Y’all are so great I swear. I thank you thank you thank you for all of your supportive comments & emails. I know it will happen one day for us, this whole parenting thing, it just seems so far away sometimes. By the way, the 2nd country we had chosen was Guatemala. Guat seemed so …

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Gotta love a grocery store with a sense of humor

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One of these things is not like the other

When CSP & I decided to adopt I started talking about it on my blog and that drew some new readers from the adoption world. BYH started to appear on blogrolls across Blogistan under “China Adoption” or “Paperchasing” etc. Then we slowed down a bit to figure out the finance end of things a little …

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What a trip

I want to give some internet lovin to my girl Lisa who has just launched her career as a travel agent. Go check out her myspace page and float some business her way. She is perfect for this- a born planner, full of adventure, and a thorough researcher. Good luck my friend! I know you …

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CSP: mind reader & dream squasher

I was telling CSP about my trip to T@rget on Saturday where I scored a 60 pack of off brand pee pads. They work better for me with all this bleeding. You know, on the box it says these pads hold like a cup and a half of liquid. No. Come on. I’d be careful …

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Beauty advice from the Dollar Store

Saturday I stopped by the Dollar Store to pick up some nerds on a rope for my Mom. You see, I had to make up a little for an incident. On Thursday when I was at her house giving Morgan a facial I left a bottle of glue there. I had thought glue might would …

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Protected: Let’s test this password thingy

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Pre-prom spa day

A couple of days after my carpal tunnel surgery last week I developed a nasty fever and a rattle in my chest. It hadn’t gone away after a week so I went to the doctor today and I have bronchitis. Fun! Then I went to get my stitches out of my hand. My hand doc …

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