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A collection of items completely unrelated to each other

More work was done on my house yesterday. All sorts of men tramped through with their nail guns. Then my carpet was cleaned. I’m so tired of my house being a construction zone. In other news…on our way to IKEA Monday we saw an interesting site. A dump truck had run off the road and …

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Bonjour Y’all!

I think the news of an IKEA being built in Charlotte really killed our motivation to go down to the one in Atlanta. I had a bunch of returns to make, and we needed a couple things, plus we wanted to scope out the cribs. We “tried” to go a few times. Then finally yesterday, …

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Painting the kitchen. Got bored with the family room color and started trimming out the breakfast area & kitchen. Now I have 2 ghetto painted rooms instead of 1 completed room! Doh!

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Ooh that smell, can’t you smell that smell?

The other day CSP and I were running some errands. At a stop light I pulled out some Johnson & Johnson lotion and applied it to my hands. CSP: That What? It smells like babies.CSP: Ugh. Babies stink.

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Lounge lizards

Why my pugs choose to lounge on the backs of the sofa and chair is beyond me. They end up getting sucked into the furniture and all my cushions are smooshed!

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No longer a blank canvas

CSP & I have tired of living in our white house. Every wall and all the trim is painted the same builder white. So yesterday we went paint shopping. We picked out paint for all of the downstairs and the master bath. I still don’t know for sure what colors we’re going to do in …

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Adoption Update

That my friends, is our i600A form heading off to the USCISSCIS whatever, office on Monday. It arrived safe and sound on Tuesday. I was so nervous sending it off with the check. And I mail a bigger check than that every month for our mortgage. But this check made me sweat. I wanted to …

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Tongue tricks

My sister Morgan can lick her elbow. Can you?

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As I was doing my make up yesterday I actually thought “I hope Ling Ling likes make up as much as I do. I sure do love make up.”I swear I’ll work on other, more important parenting things like morals and values. But I do hope she’s a girlie girl like me. Cause don’t think …

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Hola Kitty

Saturday my Mama, Papa, & Gmommy came and got me and we went to see Night at the Museum (very cute). We had some Mexican for dinner then met up with Morgan, Sara, Marc, my nephews & a million other children for Joey’s 2nd birthday party at Build a Bear. The next 2 hours were …

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