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Baby Crocs

Even if you’re not a Crocs fan, you’ve gotta admit these are way cute. My niecelet Olivia’s grandma bought her the Disney Crocs and they are just the cutest.So tiny!

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Ladybugs have landed on our house. A bajillion of them. They started coming here about a month ago and quite a few have moved in. I read that they are attracted to light colored houses and they’re just here for the winter so just leave them alone. That’s fine with me! I can use all …

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Sign here Cap’n

Speaking of online shopping….I bought Morgan’s (little sister) Christmas present online a week or so ago. Now, before I get to the meat of the story I have to remind you of something. Back in September it was National Talk Like a Pirate Day. So I looked up my pirate name online and found it …

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O Tannenbaum

Thanksgiving: This year was our year to be at Jon’s parents’ house. It was nice to see everyone and we all had fun catching up. Jon’s aunt, uncle, cousins, and a couple that’s good friends with his parents (kind of like our honorary aunt and uncle) were there. Today: I was able to do all …

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For Jon (CSP), my family, friends, health, you guys, the opportunity to adopt, so much more. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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I’m a danger to myself even while I sleep!

This was going to be a boring ol update post, but now you lucky devils get a near death story to boot! But you’ll have to wait til the end- muhahaha!-Our bed situation: the king size mattress is still in the family room, however, we’ve been upgraded! My mom gave us 2 twin mattress sets …

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Picking up where we left off

We’re all moved in, the checks have cleared. We’ve taken care of all the business necessary when you move across state lines- new driver’s licenses, car tags, etc. Now, we’re ready to begin again with our paper chase and get this adoption finished! There are lots of things we have to do differently now that …

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A new artist in the family

My little sister Morgan (16) took a drawing class last year and loved it. This year she’s taking painting and is really blossoming into quite an artist. One assignment was to use mixed media (she used watercolors, crayon, pen, pencil & chalk) and recreate a photo. They had to take the subject of the photo …

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Uncle Creepy

If you need a good laugh today, click here and check out Weird Al’s short video parody of Taylor Hicks’ “Do I Make You Proud”. Heh.

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On the cutting edge of pop culture

The other day while on the phone with my mom:Mom: Did you watch tv last night?Shanny: Yep.M: Did you watch any cartoons?S: No, why?M: I saw the most bizarre cartoon last night. I think it was supposed to be a cartoon for adults though. Maybe you’ve seen it. There’s this dog that talks and a …

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