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I think I might have told you guys about my arm going numb. I went to the neurologist and he thinks I have carpal tunnel (apparently there is an actually a tunnel in your arm called the carpal tunnel- who knew?). Now my left arm is going numb all the time too. I go for …

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Be still my heart

Sunday night I was watching tv and a commercial came on featuring very familiar looking items. Then the logo appeared. It was an IKEA commercial! WHA??? Then an hour later it came on again! What does this mean? I looked on IKEA’s regular and corporate sites and found nothing about a store opening anywhere close …

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Haste Ye Back

Haste Ye Back is painted on the sign you pass on the way out of the mountain house driveway. Every time I leave the mountain house I can’t wait to go back. I really can’t wait to get back together with my girls Shannon 2, Deb, and Susan. We had a big time this weekend …

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Friends like these…

Saw this driving through my neighborhood yesterday (click to enlarge). My neighbor is turning 50 and her friends pulled a bit of a prank. How fun! In other girlfriend news…I’m leaving tonight to spend the weekend in the mountains with Shannon 2, Deb, and Susan. I can’t wait! We’ll have way too much fun and …

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BPOH Week 8- Final Week

For those of you who are just joining us, we are touring our readers through our homes, room by room. This week we are heading outside to check out decks, patios, back yards.If you’d like to play along please leave a comment that you’ve posted your pics, along with a link to your site. All …

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You can’t stop her, you can only hope to contain her

Molly has finally gotten big enough for a harness. I didn’t want to buy one just to have her outgrow it in a couple of weeks. It took her a while to get used to a collar- she still isn’t crazy about them. But she didn’t mind the harness. And she looks really pretty too!

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Now this one I like

I’ve never been a big fan of Elmo. His high pitched, nasal voice gets on my nerves. But have you seen the new Tickle Me Elmo- TMX? This thing is a riot! Click here to see what he can do. Be sure to watch the whole video (only about 1:14), the best stuff starts at …

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Train em young

My BIL asked Jake, my nephew (age 3), if he was going to Uncle Jon’s house. Jake said “No Daddy, it’s Shanny’s house!” What a smart boy!

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BPOH Theme- Week 8- Final Week

The final week for this round anyway…. stay tuned for holiday BPOH! This week’s theme is back yards, patios, balconies, decks, any outdoor space! Plus, you can always show us something we might have missed. Now, get to snapping pics!

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Cap’n Misty Buttscar

CSP isn’t the only captain round these parts today. Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day! Now matey, if you need some help talking like a pirate just click here or here. If ye be wanting yer own pirate name like mine, and who wouldn’t want a name as feminine and sexy as Cap’n Misty …

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