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Baby love

Whoa- I’m behind on posting! I’ve been really busy doing some spring cleaning around my neglected house. When I was sick the last thing I wanted to do was mop! We had the house pressure washed last week and that really freaked out the pugs. But the house looks great!This past Saturday I went over …

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A myriad, a plethora, a bevy if you will

Of jumbled thoughts. -Love the word bevy. Sounds like the name of your favorite babysitter or that fun girl in class.-My hair has decided after 30 plus years that it wants to be curly. Esp when it is hot and humid out. But only in one spot. This is driving me insane.-No more bleeding! For …

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Lovely wee things

I ADORE summer patio and garden decor and accessories. I love summer dishware- all that plastic and melamine in those fabulous colors! I love brightly colored sparkly shiny things you can hang from ceilings and tree branches. And this year I’m loving these fabulous things- from afar mind you, the adoption budget does not allow …

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Medical Disaster

So I went to the doctor yesterday because Jon was sure I was growing a brain tumor since my eye turned all bloody. I knew it was just a blood clot thing, but went to the Dr. anyway. Turns out I’m officially anemic and will have to start taking RX iron. I’m also being put …

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I get weak

Wow, throw a little activity at a girl trying to quickly recover from hot pocket surgery and it knocks her flat out man. Saturday Jon’s aunt D and her daughter, so I guess my aunt and cousin, came and took me to lunch. I hadn’t been out of the house except to go to the …

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Just Breathe

You guys are the best most wonderfullest people ever. Thank you so much. I was just having a rough down day. But I know I gotta keep my chin up and keep plugging away and what will be will be. And frankly, I don’t want to be pregnant. I know it would be a medical …

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I’m in over my head, over my head

A little while ago we had a plan. It seemed like it could work. Like it would work. Foolproof even. Started counting chickens. So we set some things in motion. Wrote a couple of checks for a lot of money. Then I got sick. Again. And we knew we’d have to do something permanent to …

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Reality Check

The high I was on courtesy of hospital drugs has worn off. The post op bleeding has started. The horrible reality of what I’ve done is kicking in. I don’t feel well. I’m going to lay down for a while. And thank you even more again for your sweet kind words and wishes. mwah!I was …

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Alive and Kicking

Hey, so I made it! Barely slept last night. At the hospital at 5:45am. Home by 11:30. Much sleeping and cramping all afternoon. Pain killers kicked in. Not so bad feeling now. Wee bit loopy! Thank you again for all your well wishes, emails, etc. You guys rock! xoxo

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So it is now a little past 11 PM the night before my surgery. I went to the hospital today and gave blood and got my bracelet. Then I picked up my 4 little pills I had to take tonight to relax my cervix. Sweet monkey knuckles. I am gonna die. I have been cramping …

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