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The old college try

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We’re are going to attempt to go to the beach tonight. I’m still bleeding, but the dr says there is nothing more they can do for me without me missing the wedding. So I’m going, then when we get back my Dr. said she will discuss our options. Oy. I’ll have my crackberry with me, so I won’t be out of touch. I’ll just stay out of the water so I don’t attract sharks!

Pillow Talk

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We are in bed discussing my current situation. Jon just said to me “this isn’t your fault and there is nothing you can do so try not to get upset. You’ve got to just go with the flow.
Ooh wait. Bad choice of words. “
Heh. He is such a good husband. He changed back into street clothes from pjs to make a jack in the box run for me and has been a great nurse. Part of his reward will be that he won’t have to shave if we make it to my moms wedding. Fingers crossed. Course jon is just amazed that anything or anyone could bleed this much and live. That’s me miss freak of nature!
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Molly is a champion nap taker. She’s been great the last couple days snuggling with me while I’ve been trapped on the sofa. I love how she’ll sleep with her arms sticking straight out!

Who knew?

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That Brittany Murphy could sing? But she can. She’s teamed up with DJ Paul Oakenfold on Faster Kill Pussycat. Click here to listen.

Update: still no change with me. Hoping drugs will kick in quick, fast, and in a hurry. I wanna be with my family at the beach!

Hospice & PCOS

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I spoke with my Nanny this week and my Pappy is on hospice. They are giving him 3-6 mos, but it is doubtful he’ll go the full 6. I’m going to try and go to Florida to see him soon.

My PCOS is kicking my @ss again. I realize that this is a blog published on the internet and therefore I censor some things. But I’ve gotten some really supportive emails from fellow PCOSers and I’ve realized I should share more. If you aren’t familiar with PCOS- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, click here for more info. I have most of the symptoms. The main one I’m dealing with right now is bleeding. I don’t have a regular period. Example: Since last August I’ve had my period in August, January for 2 weeks, Feb for the last 2 weeks of the month, March for the first 3 weeks of the month, and now for the last 3 weeks. When it gets really prolonged and heavy I’ve had to have d& c’s and am usually put on a ton of meds. The problem right now, besides the constant bleeding, nausea, headaches, backaches, cramps, and did I mention bleeding?, is that my mom is getting married on a beach next week and I intend on being there. However, if I don’t stop bleeding by Tuesday my doctor won’t let me go and I may end up in the hospital again for another d&c. Fun! So I’m picking up a new prescription today and will be taking iron supplements to fend off anemia until the bleeding (hopefully) stops. Cross your fingers for me!

New duds for Ling Ling

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While in Baltimore, Lisa gave me some gifts she’d been saving for Ling Ling. First is this adorable ladybug cd holder complete with tons of Disney and kids’ cds. I’m so excited about this as I have no kids’ music yet. She also gave me this adorable dress in the best colors. I love how all the ladybugs are different colors. And it comes with bloomers which I love. And listen to this- she ordered one, but 2 came. Obviously a sign from the retail gods that yes indeed we will be getting twins. I’ve already picked out the hair bows and shoes they will wear with this outfit. Now, for the cutest thing I’ve ever seen with my own eyes: How cute is this?!? I love how the little ladybugs will go over her little girl boobies. And the bottoms have ruffles all across the back. Thank goodness they don’t make this in adult sizes or we’d be quite the site at the beach. And those would have to be the biggest ladybugs ever. It would look like I was under attack!

The big 3-0

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Today is my sister Sara’s 30th birthday! We went to dinner and saw “American Haunting”. Nothing like a scary movie to help you sleep at night! I can’t believe Sara is already 30. Seems like just yesterday she was a little punk kid! Happy Birthday SAM! I love you!


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