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The Little Artist

Today I met up with Susan and Olivia for lunch then we went on a wee field trip to the paint your own pottery joint. Olivia had her little feet painted to go on gifts for family members. I used to work in a paint your own pottery store for 5 years part time that …

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And the bride wore Bellatini

I have been uber busy this week making jewelry for my friend Laura’s wedding. She’s getting married Saturday and the jewelry request was last minute. I had less than 2 weeks to make and ship necklaces, bracelets and earrings for her, 1 maid of honor- Lisa, 1 flower girl, and 4 bridesmaids. On the off …

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I’ve always wanted to jump from a bridge onto a moving truck or barge filled with garbage and come out smelling nice and unscathed like they do in movies.Sometimes, after watching a movie or tv show I’ll think-I can totally do that. Like watching Miami Ink makes me think that for some reason I could …

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Gadget love

I was watching that show I want that on HGTV the other night and they showed this cool little thing I’d seen in some catalog somewhere before. It was a hook that hangs your purse from the table when you’re dining out so it doesn’t have to go on the floor. Nifty. Since Jon is …

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Sandy asked: Do you ever make your own beads? I love your jewelry. How did you learn to make it?Thank you Sandy! Ok, no I don’t make my own beads. I don’t have the patience to put all that work into something so teeny.I learned how to make earrings and attach a clasp for a …

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1. When you view my blog on a PC are there 2 columns? The posts on the left and the sidebar on the right? It is that way on my mac so I’m curious.2. Do y’all really think I should make some more of those mirrors to sell? You think they’d sell? It never occurred …

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The writing on the wall

The home improvements continue. My sister and BIL painted an entire wall with chalkboard paint at their new house and we loved the idea. We didn’t need the whole wall, just a bit. I think it is really handy and I’m sure Ling Ling will love it. So, first we removed the plate rack that …

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3 little mirrors

Thank you for all the compliments on our bathroom. We would have loved to do more (like rip out the vanity and put in a pedestal sink-drool) but we’re on the famous adoption budget. So we’re poor and I was faced with this big bare wall right across from the toilet. I wanted something fun …

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Le Bain

Our half bath redecoration is finally finished! Jon hung the last of the wall art this weekend. Here is what our downstairs half bath looked like before we moved in:and . Wallpaper-ugly, faucet, light fixture, hardware, mirror, cabinet knobs, all UGLY.So we painted, pulled down the wallpaper, put up bead board, painted that white. Then …

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I cheese you

Jake is so funny. He says the cutest things. Things that should be recorded. And since his mom, my sister, is such a slack blogger :) I feel like I should document some of his latest cuties for posterity.1. Jake LOVES to take pictures. He hijacks my camera (under my supervision) almost every time we …

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