Monthly Archives: January, 2006

Itchy & Scratchy

Dude, no one told me how much my stitches would itch. I’m in itchy agony over here! They are driving me nuts. I don’t even hurt anymore, other than when the dogs pounce on me or if I roll over on my stitched side, but the itching, OH SWEET JESUS the itching. I swear I …

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Flatware identification

I visited Sara and the boys today and made sure to capture Jake naming his utensils on video. I make a dvd for them each year and this is just too cute not to have forever. We know it isn’t right and we’re teaching him to say FORK instead of F@#& but this is still …

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Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Year of the Dog! Ike and Kea are pleased that this is their year! My inlaws came over today and brought money in a red envelope and a little gift in a red bow. I love how in to all the Chinese culture they are. My MIL runs a library and for story time …

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Shower the people you love with love

Susan’s baby shower for little Miss Olivia was today and it was fabulous. It was so great seeing her and she got lots of wonderful things for the baby. The blanket Susan is holding in that picture is the one I made her. I’m so excited for her and can’t wait til she’s home from …

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Sexy beeyotches

Y’all are so sweet! Thank you for all the sweet comments, words of encouragement and get betters. I thought it was extra sweet some of you thought I was having a good hair day. Funny, cause that was the day before my hair appointment. I should have waited an extra day to get cut into …

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See more of Seymour

I’m alive! First of all let me say I love my doctor. He’s so laid back and has a great sense of humor. The whole time he was hacking into me like a flank steak he was telling us all about his travels in China. He spent 5 months there teaching English. So cool. Jon …

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Ok so I’m going to have Seymour removed here in just a couple hours. I have to admit I’m nervous. They aren’t putting me to sleep or anything which seems weird. My dr says I can bring Seymour home with me though. My little sister has a biology project due soon- maybe we’ll add teeth …

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And the party don’t stop

Today is my FIL’s birthday. We went out to their house for dinner and cake tonight. I remember when 58 seemed so old. But they say 60 is the new 40. When I was a teenager I thought 35 was old. I thought for sure I’d be married by 25 and have babies by 30. …

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Go Jo Jo, it’s your birthday!

We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday! My nephew Joey turned 1 on the 18th and we celebrated his birthday today. Friends, family, and 147 children. Well, it seemed like there were that many! They were all so cute and had a big time. Joey had fun eating cake for the first time. The party …

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Fun with MIL & FIL

I spent this afternoon with my inlaws helping them upgrade their cell phones. Their phones were so old they only had those tiny little blue screens that showed the phone number. The abacus of cell phones if you will. Anyway, we went to the cell phone store and after some back and forth with Josh …

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