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My sister took my nephews to one of those mall photo studios for their Christmas photo. It turned out great. (please forgive my pictures of pictures- too lazy to properly scan them in. click to enlarge) While there she thought she’d kill two birds with one stone and get the boys’ Halloween pictures taken since …

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Pug Torture

Ike gets really upset if Jon comes home with new shoes or if I wear slippers. Who knows why. So imagine his despair when Jon’s parents gave us a pair of pug slippers!

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Body parts and balls of fire

I talked to my Dad over the holidays and got the update on my family in Florida. I called Jon after I hung up with my Dad and passed on the news: What is wrong with your family? What do you mean? When we call home to Minnesota we hear about so and so’s new …

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Christmas Day

This year we spent Christmas day at my inlaws’ house (we rotate every year) with my MIL, FIL, Marsha, Larry, and a ginormous tree. M & L are a couple that are great friends with my inlaws and us and they are very, very good to us. They couldn’t have kids and are extremely supportive …

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve I spent the day at my mom’s while Jon worked. We exchanged presents with my nephews and my little sister and had a big time watching the boys play with all their goodies and opening presents. Then I went home and did some last minute wrapping. Jon’s parents came over and brought dinner …

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Merry Fork’n Christmas

All the visits have been made, the pie is consumed, the presents are opened. Whew. Let the recap begin. Friday Mom, Hale, Sara, Jake, Joey and I all went down to my Grandmommy’s for an early Christmas. My aunt, uncle and 2 cousins met us there. We had fun visiting and we brought Christmas dinner …

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Happy Christmahanakwanzikah!

The next few days will be crazy busy so I just want to take a moment and wish all you fabulous bloggy people the most wonderful winter holiday of your choice! Enjoy every moment as you gather round your nondenominational shrub or light candles representing an ancient miracle or a newfound holiday. I for one …

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Wax on, wax off

So a few years ago, maybe 10, a friend of mine- we’ll call her Betty- and I decided that we were too poor to buy Christmas presents so we’d make them. We hand stamped our wrapping paper and it was good. We made our own cards, and they were good. So on to presents. We …

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No cohesive theme

Kanye West reminds me of a ventriloquist’s dummy. I love his music, the way he dresses, he’s as cute as can be, but his little face doesn’t move except his mouth. He has stationary cheeks.My dogs eat dust bunnies so cleaning ceiling fans is a hassle.My biggest fears: being buried alive, becoming a tortured hostage, …

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Teeny tiny ghetto pug pictures

Ok, so for Christmas I don’t get those big photo cards. I stocked up on Christmas cards already and I add a wallet sized pug snapshot to each card. This year’s picture came out great. I photo shopped a message to the top of it and uploaded the pic to order prints. My pictures came …

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