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Biz E

This working for tha man thing is really eating into my blog reading time. I’m so behind. Plus I’m not taking as many photos, the shows on the dvr are backing up, there are dishes in the sink. Waa waa boohoo. At least I’m working, and I know any money I make will go toward …

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So a couple of people have asked me why don’t I put a Paypal button on my site to accept donations toward the adoption. I haven’t done this yet because I’m torn. Some people will look at that and think if we can’t afford to adopt then we shouldn’t do it. But that means we …

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I am

On my adoptive mom’s to be board on MSN this topic came up the other day and it was interesting. So here’s a little peek as to who I am. I am:Jon’s wifeIke & Kea’s momLing Ling & Mei Mei’s mom to beMorgan & Sara’s sisterJake & Joey’s aunt Shannyallergic to pennicillin & hydrocodiene5 feet …

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Long, long ago

I’ve been tagged again. 10 Years Ago: I was 22, just starting my first real job. Still recovering from ending a 4 year relationship with my first real love. Spent the rest of the year dating various punks. 5 Years Ago: I was preparing for my March wedding and had been working for my last …

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I take my camera everywhere with me. And it’s a good thing too because you never know what you’re gonna see. Firstly, I forgot to include this cute little candle in the picture of birthday goodness that Ani sent me. And then last night we got invaded. See, we have this ghetto doggy door. The …

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I totally forgot to mention this…Saturday was my blog’s 4th birthday! I started blogging a few months after getting married to chronicle our marriage and because it was easier than writing in a journal. I’ve hopped urls a little bit, so that’s why my archives here only go back so far, but I’ve been blogging …

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She works hard for the money

So today was my second day at my new fabulous job that I haven’t told y’all about yet. I looove my boss- he reminds me of Vern from Trading Spaces. I can’t say the name of the company, don’t wanna be Dooced my first week. I am excited about this job and it’s future potential. …

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Kiki heard there was a touching your nose with your tongue contest going on so she wanted to join in and represent, yo.

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Swarm! Swarm!

My sister brought the boys down to visit with their grandma and Papa Hale. Somehow she ended up locking them in the car. Luckily the car was still running, so they had air conditioning- thank God in this 95 degree plus heat!. She called the cops and what happened next I’m sure will make all …

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I photographed the scrapbook I made for my sister before I gave it to her. Sara and Marc really love the book and I’m really excited about that. When you’ve never been to Alaska or Seattle it makes it tough to group the pictures. But I did pretty well, except I put a pic of …

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