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~Do you ever wonder what you look like to other people? Sometimes mid conversation I’ll find myself thinking things like Does my face look weird right now? Why is she/he looking at me like that? I bet my mouth moves around all funny. Or you go through life thinking you look one way then you …

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Birthday Blunder

A certain birthday girl needs to remember that her birthday is coming up very shortly while shopping online or the following conversation will occur: J: (looking at current issue of Real Simple) Is this yours? Do you have a subscription?S: Yeah. That’s my first issue.J: Great. Well, be surprised when my Mom gives you a …

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Almost Famous

Have any of you seen the new R. Ke!ly video about being stuck in a closet and it’s part one of five? I saw the whole thing, all 5 parts last night and they were talking about it all like it was some amazing revolutionary song and video. Ok, this dude wrote a bad story …

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Baby got back

Bingo back that is. Last night Shannon, Stacy, and I went and played bingo.. So fun! We didn’t win a dime, but we had a blast. There were so many people there, serious bingo players with trolls, millions of dawbers, custom seat cushions, the works. Us newbies walked in in a daze and if it …

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Adopting Pros

Ok, no one told me about the incredible volume of paperwork that would land on my house as soon as we applied to adopt. I mean, I knew it was a paperchase, but I just feel so sorry for the entire forest that has died so far for our family! I’ve also learned that I …

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I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I go

I need to get in shape before going to China. I want to be able to carry a baby around with ease while touring the cities. And, I just need to get in shape. So I was thinking about what I like to do that counts as excersize and came up with roller skating and …

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When you’re adopting you get to drink fun cocktails

Tonight I had the pleasure of having dinner with 5 other adoptive moms to be. We’re all adopting from China and are at various stages of the process. We had dinner at Logan’s and they were nice enough to let us chat and laugh for way longer than your normal dinner. I asked for something …

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Wet & Wild

Yesterday afternoon I drove up to Greensboro with my mom, Hale & Morgan to go to Emerald Pointe, a huge water park. We went last night for just a couple of hours, and since there were no lines, and no sunburn potential, we got to ride all the big rides and pack a ton of …

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We’re official

So…We are officially on our way to becoming parents! We applied with our agency on Saturday. We received our approval email on Monday. Throughout this week we’ve received enough forms to fill out that we could wallpaper the house. If everything stays on schedule we should be in China this time next year (how cool …

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Wash, Set, Baby

So I’m sitting in the salon the other day while Morgan is having her first facial. That child is so spoiled. I waited until I was an adult before getting a facial like normal people. Anyway, I’ve been going to this same salon for a good while now to get my hair cut, and this …

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