Monthly Archives: June, 2005

A Different World

Of course I watch the Real World. Every season I say I won’t, then I get sucked in. I know I may lose cool points from the precious little I may have, but I can’t help it.I’ve noticed something though. I’m old enough to now say things like “kids these days”. Because when I was …

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Late, late, late

I’m running behind on my jewelry making and package mailing. So if I owe you earrings or packages or cds, they are coming! I’m hoping to get all caught up this weekend. And, I don’t think I’m going to put out a 4th of July card this year with the pugs. I can’t find a …

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The first rule about Fight Club…

You would think Ike & Kea don’t love each other the way they fight. Every day they are wrestling, chasing, rolling around. It’s a miracle they haven’t lost an eye!

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Pool Punk

We spent yesterday afternoon at my Mom’s grilling ribs and hanging by the pool with the family. Joey is still too young to be in direct sunlight, and pugs don’t swim, so they didn’t make it into the pool. But Jake had a good time and so did we. Morgan and I fashioned little Jake’s …

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Highlights of the past 48 hours

1. Had an interview with a mortgage company Friday. Arrived on time (yay!). Sat for 30 minutes answering questions like “Are you sure it was today?” and “What was your name again?” until they found my file. Then I was told my interviewer had a family emergency and wasn’t there. Can you come back Monday? …

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Surprise Mini Family Reunion

My dad called Friday afternoon and announced that he was coming up from Florida for a visit and that he was already in SC at my uncle’s house. He said he would drive up to my house Monday with my grandmother (Nanny). So on Monday Jon and I spent the day with my dad, Nanny, …

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Southern Starbucks

Our tiny little town is now home to a Starbucks! We feel so special, esp since my in-laws have been wanting a Starbucks in their much bigger town for years now. The building is so cute- very Tara with columns and ceiling fans and a big patio. So cute. It was pouring down rain and …

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Tuna & Sharpies

Rachel sent me this link the other day about Sharpies. You know, the marker. The link started a conversation about how my mom’s boyfriend Hale didn’t know what a Sharpie was until a couple of years ago. He said he’d heard of them, but had never been introduced. Well then that led to a conversation …

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The Pantless Wonder

That’s what Jon calls me- the pantless wonder. I just don’t like wearing pants. Clothes really, on the bottom half of me. If I had my way, I would be able to wear big, blousy shirts or baby doll dresses, and bloomers. Oh, and flip flops. Kind of like an ice skater’s outfit minus the …

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Another round of extract please bar keep!

My husband Jon is a manager for a local grocery store chain. He’s been with this company for 15 years and has lots of stories. He worked late last night and came home with quite a doozy. Jon was watching the security cameras last night when he noticed a scuffle on one of the aisles. …

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