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Al Fresco

We had our first dinner out on the deck this weekend. The candles were one of my first IKEA purchases ever. Just 5 bucks and this candle holder can form a circle or a straight or wavy line, whatever. So cool. It fits perfectly around the umbrella pole in the outside table. Jon’s parents came …

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Kicking it

The season finale of CSI sparked some conversation around here about ways we don’t want to die. I’ve always had a top 3 list beyond the obvious: drowning, burning alive, murder, torture, smothering, starvation, attack by wild animal. If I had to choose of course I’d pick going to sleep and never waking up but …

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Last summer I bought a new pair of roller skates. I hadn’t had any in a while and I like how now you can get them sneaker style. I grew up roller skating, but hadn’t skated in years. So last June I bought a cute pair and thought how cool would it be if roller …

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Yesterday the fabulous Karen drove down for a wonderful afternoon of lunch, shopping, and lots of talking. It was very cool to spend some time with someone who is my age and adopting from China too. We don’t know too many people who are or have adopted, and the ones we do know are much …

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Happy Birthday Little Sister!

Tuesday was my sister Sara’s 29th birthday. The family all met up at Chuck E. Cheese (Sara’s choice-for the boys). We ate lunch then she opened up her presents- Joey helped. You must click on that picture to enlarge it because his face is way too cute- he looks more excited than his mom is …

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All Blown Up

The pugs have a new thing where they carry their balloons around by the little balloon tie. It is too cute. Ike gets a little nutty with his sometimes though, so he goes through more balloons than Kea. He just forgets that pug teeth are sharp!

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I am an International Jackass

So we ordered Chinese take out again last night (this place not only has really great food but ridiculously cheap prices- like $4 for dinner so that’s how we can afford to budget it in, plus they often give us freebies). We get there and I go in and Amy is back from maternity leave. …

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The Power of 3

Lisa challenged me to take this little quiz. 3’s my lucky number so I’ll go for it. THREE NAMES YOU GO BY:1. Shannon2. Shann.y3. Honey THREE SCREEN NAMES YOU HAVE HAD:1. heyshann.ygirl2. shannylj3. prettycraftygirl THREE PHYSICAL THINGS YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF:1. my hair2. my mouth3. my eyes THREE PHYSICAL THINGS YOU DON’T LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF:1. …

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Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Our house is a 2 story and we have 2 heating/cooling units. The unit that cools the upstairs has decided that there is no need for cool air where we sleep, shower, use the computer, do crafts, etc. Lucky for us it’s been unseasonably cool. It’s only 79 degrees today. I’m dying people. Remember from …

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The Process

Hannah asked if we’d be going to China to get Ling Ling and I realized I haven’t explained the process. According to our agency this is what our lives will be like the next year or so: -Parents apply with CWA and send Application Fee. Fees are billed as incurred and are non-refundable. Fees will …

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