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Mr. Safety Man

We’ve had our first bit of winter weather this weekend. Ice, sleet, a bit of snow, the works. Poor pugs trying to climb down the deck stairs to go potty was quite a site. My husband is a safety freak so at the first mention of winter weather by our local weather guys Jon was …

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Music Challenge

Music I was Challenged by Lisa to list 10 songs from my mp3 player:I don’t have an mp3 player, so I’ll just list some from my cd collection that are on heavy rotation in the car. 1. “Beyond the Sea” – Bobbie Darin 2. “Careful” – Guster 3. “Tainted Love”- Soft Cell 4. “One Eyed …

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What an adorable way to raise money for pug rescue! I’m a sucker for vintage prints anyway, and I love a good martini, but add a pug and I’m sold! Click on the picture to enlarge.

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Hail to the Chief

Here is a better pic of my new nephew Joey- he’s more alert now with his eyes open more. So sweet- he makes all these little coo noises when he eats. Click on the pic to enlarge. Now, on to my first nephew, Jake. This boy will be 2 on March 30. Even so, at …

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Cinema & Things

I go through spells where I won’t see a movie for a while, and then I’ll watch a ton. Recently I’ve watched quite a few: The Village (in bits and pieces, but I’m in no hurry to watch it all the way through), Little Black Book, Cinderella Story, First Daughter, Master & Commander, Paparrazi, and …

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Today, for you….

I have a few things up on eBay right now. Someone out there has to be a fan of Arena Rock right?

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Hanging in

Bethanie asked how am I doing and I’ve been wanting to write a wee update on all that so here goes. I am thrilled for Sara and Marc about the birth of Joey. I am thrilled for our entire family that we’re blessed with another sweet, healthy baby. I am extremely grateful to Sara for …

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It’s a Boy!

Deja vu. I talked to Sara at about 7pm last night. She said she didn’t think she’d be going into full blown labor last night, that the contractions had lightened up a good bit, so she and Marc were just going to watch a movie and eat dinner. 9pm my cell phone rings- “We’re going …

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It’s almost time…

…for my new nephew to be born! My sister Sara is dialated 2 cm and has been having contractions for the last 3 days. He could be born any time now! I’m so excited! I wonder how Jake will react once he realizes he’s not the only child anymore? He’s still too young to understand …

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The big 5-0!

Happy 50th Birthday to my Mom! I can’t believe she’s 50! She seems to be my age most of the time! Here’s a picture of her with my sister and Jake my nephew from this summer. I wish we could throw her an Oprah scale party, but unfortunately we’re not on an Oprah budget. Buca …

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