Monthly Archives: December, 2004

Happy New Year!

I’m not into resolutions. I make a new one about every other day and they never seem to get resolved. So instead I have some general New Year’s goals. -Get my house organized. I’m so into organizational tools and bins and boxes so why can’t I find anything in the office? -Finish unpacking the boxes …

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Hootchie Cootchie

Our fridge is stuffed full of leftovers and all I seem to be hungry for is Chinese, Mexican, or pizza. Our Christmas was very nice, full of good dinners, tons of laughing, and lots of running around trying to split the time between the families. We spent Christmas eve with Jon’s parents and Christmas day …

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Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, and Buon Natale! We’ll be busy celebrating with family over the next few days so we’d like to take this time to wish you and yours the very best this Christmas and always! Wow, that sounded just like a greeting card. So excuse the cheese factor, enjoy your families and friends, …

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She lives!

Everything went well at the hospital yesterday. I was in and out within 4 & a half hours. Jon was pretty grossed out with all the tubes and the iv. And the lab lost a tube of my blood so I had to shuffle up and down the hall in my gown and socks carrying …

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D&C= Dammit it’s Christmas

Warning- stop reading now if you don’t want to hear about blood or my uterus. Guess who gets to prepare for Christmas by having a d&c tomorrow? Yay it’s me! I know how jealous you must be of me right now. The girl who loses a fallopian tube in the spring, spends the summer puking …

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Who knew m&m’s didn’t have to say m&m? Yep, you…

Who knew m&m’s didn’t have to say m&m? Yep, you can personalize m&m’s for parties, weddings, new babies, etc. And you can choose from all sorts of colors. How fun! I’ve always wondered how they managed to stamp each and every m&m. Teeny tiny Sharpies I guess.

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Ladies Man v. 2.0

I’m sitting in the waiting room at my doctor’s office near the door where the nurse calls your name. A nurse comes out and calls a man’s name. A tall, lanky man walks across the waiting room wearing a bright red t-shirt. The nurse says “How are you today” to which he replies “Absolutely stunning.” …

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Oh Christmas Tree

The last ornament has been hung on the tree. The mantle is decorated. I just need to sew Kea’s stocking and we’re all set. Our stockings are all a deep blue and those are hard to find. Plus, I’m not paying $15 for a stocking for a dog. So Jon bought 2 blue stockings at …

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Happy Birthday Husband!

Sunday was Jon’s 33rd birthday. His parents took us to brunch then we came home to watch some football and play with the pugs. At halftime we went to their house for dinner, presents, and the coolest cheeseburger cake that my MIL made. They gave Jon a mini gas grill, so there was a bit …

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Happy Birthday Kea!

The teeniest pug in the world turned 1 year old today! I can’t believe she’s an adult now! My baby Kea is all grown up! *That’s Jon holding her, not the unabomber. He has a new love of hoodies.

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