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Domestic Goes Digital

Domestic Goes Digital In case you haven’t heard, the lovely Miss Rachel and I are hosting an online Tupperware party through May 7. Now, that seems like a long way off since it’s still technically April, but it’s just around the corner. So get on the stick and make your list! You know you love …

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Hair raising

Hair raising Posting about my Mom and Mole Neck Lenny brought back a lot of hair related memories. My Mom went to cosmetology school when we were kids, or rather, her guinea pigs. Yes I was the only girl in 7th grade sporting a rat tail- and not at my request. Sara had a funky …

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Good thoughts

Good thoughts A fly on the wall might have heard these snippets in our bedroom over the last week. S: Honey, can you turn the sound machine up? J: Yeah, am I snoring too loud? S: No, Ike is. *Ike being our pug, for those just tuning in. S: Honey, you want me to sing …

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Any more room on that bandwagon?

Any more room on that bandwagon? Take my Quiz on!

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I’m such a stitch!

I’m such a stitch! I was checking out my stubborn incision today, the one that just won’t seem to heal like the others, and after cleaning it up noticed what I thought was just lint or something so I pulled it, heard and felt a pop, and then there was the bleeding. I realized I …

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Club Hopping & Fancy Cooking Tools

Club Hopping & Fancy Cooking Tools Today we had brunch with the inlaws, then took them club hopping. Every few Sundays they’ll buy us brunch in exchange for them never having to buy a Sam‘s membership. Today we outdid ourselves by going to Costco first then Sam’s. They’d never been to a Costco so it …

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El cheapo in la bano

El cheapo in la bano I don’t splurge too much on bath accessories. I just hope that I’ll get a bath bomb in a gift at some point and I hold on to bubble bath for years. But I couldn’t resist finally ordering from Lush when I saw they had a good selection in their …

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The best wife ever

The best wife ever Um, yeah, that would be me. Know why? Because we just got back from seeing Metallica in concert. Jon’s been a fan forever. And while my musical tastes run more along the lines of Jason Mraz and Barenaked Ladies, I was happy to go. It was actually a great show. Godsmack …

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Betrayals First of all, I can not believe Jennifer Hudson got booted off of American Idol last night. I was out to dinner with my girlfriend Stacy and got home just in time for the tribute thing and was all confused because America can’t be that stupid. Surely they were only showing her tribute because …

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He was blinded by the light

He was blinded by the light Speaking of the elderly….I forgot to mention this part of our Spring Break adventure. So my Irish grandmother calls me a few days before Rachel and Lisa get here and tell me some terrible news…my younger cousin Troy has gone blind. Troy is Uncle Kevin (of severed thumb fame) …

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