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A much more pleasant photo today

A much more pleasant photo today The other day Jenny posted about painting pug paws on pottery and it reminded me that I forgot to post the finished product of Kea’s work. We painted a Christmas ornament for both Ike and Kea that are stored with the other Christmas things, but we also painted coasters …

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Warning- those with woozy stomachs, turn back now!

Warning- those with woozy stomachs, turn back now! I have pictures from my insides! That just blows me away that they can stick a little camera in a person and get pictures. I made the pics really small so you don’t get freaked out. If you want to see all the details, just click on …

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Recovering Thank you for all of your well wishes! I’ve been overwhelmed with how loving everyone’s been. My family who stayed with us the whole time then babysat the pugs, Jon’s parents who drove all the way out 3 times over the weekend to check on us and the pugs, and to bring dinner (cause …

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Ice Chips!!!

Ice Chips!!! Jon and I just returned home from the hospital where we’ve been since 7 am this morning. I woke up about 6 with a sharp pain. Thinking it was upset stomach I went to the bathroom. Ike and Kea followed me and pooped in the bathroom. The smell of it made me throw …

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I am the Godfather of Soul

I am the Godfather of Soul Tuesday night I missed American Idol as I was in a Middle School Gym watching my littlest sister portray Captain Anne Bonney in a school production honoring the Famous and Notable from our state. Morgan was fabulous! She gave her speech without uttering a single “um”, was funny, and …

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You’ve been ever so patient!

You’ve been ever so patient! Here are the first of the before and after pictures!! Today’s feature: the guest bath! Before: and When we moved in they had left the Disney appliques and the red and black drapes that were bolted into the window frame. Nice. It was the kids’ bath. We removed the appliques, …

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My Precious

My Precious My Mom had this mirror that I coveted for years. It was so me. With swirls and stars, but it was gold. I’m more of a silver girl. Anyway, I told her if she ever parted with it, it needed to come to me. I’m the first born and all, and I’ll be …

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Trash TV Tuesday

Trash TV Tuesday We don’t watch a whole lot of tv around here, we only follow a couple of shows. There are so many good ones out there I know, but I just can’t make that kind of committment. But tonight is American Idol– and is it just me or can this group of kids …

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*** Ebay Update!*** I just added 2 more skirts …

*** Ebay Update!*** I just added 2 more skirts (1 new with tags!) and a Barry Manilow Tshirt (never worn) to my Ebay listings. You know you’re a closet Barry fan. Click here and check em out!

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Wallies, Pi, Brown Bathrooms, and a shameless Ebay plug

Wallies, Pi, Brown Bathrooms, and a shameless Ebay plug Wallies: Here’s a shot of a couple of the Wallies I put up in our guest bathroom. We painted the walls Silver Sage and used the Wallies because there’s lots of wall space, but none practical enough to hang art or the like. The Wallies went …

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