Monthly Archives: October, 2003

It’s only been a week?

We’ve had Ike for one week today! It feels like we’ve had him forever. And yet it’s totally flying by. We can tell he’s grown already. He knows his name and comes when called. He’s doing great with his potty and crate training. I can’t wait for him to meet everyone over the holidays. I …

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What is in your mouth?!

It seems like I spend a good part of every day with my fingers down Ike’s throat. He eats everything!! I vacuum the house constantly and we’re still pulling things out of his mouth. Just in the last 3 days: feather, upholstery tack, birth announcement, Morgan’s homework, toilet brush, various leaves, twigs, and mulch, lint, …

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He screams like a monkey

If anyone needs practice for having kids, get a puppy. No sleep, lots of cleaning up messes. Can’t get much done. But at the end of the day when he falls asleep on your chest and you just want to stay there forever… It’s so cool. Friday we worked on crate training and learning his …

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Ike’s big day!

Whew- we were very busy today. We picked him up, went to visit both our mom’s at their respective workplaces, went to the vet, and visited with friends. Click here to check it all out!

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On the way home…

Ike slept a good bit of the way. He’s grown since we saw him last, but he’s still so tiny. We’re off to the vet for a check up!

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We’re off to get Ike and bring him home! Get re…

We’re off to get Ike and bring him home! Get ready for tons of pug puppy pictures!

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Baby steps

Jon had the day off yesterday so he finished the touch up painting in the formal living room and took down the old curtains. I’ll post ‘after’ pics after we put up the new ones. He also moved the rest of the office boxes up to the office and organized things a bit in the …

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Charisse party of 3?

After work on Saturday I met up with my Mom and little sister Morgan to go see School of Rock. So cute! Jack Black is a riot in this movie. He has the most expressive face bar none. And the kids are just great. After dinner we went to Buca di Beppo. We’ve been wanting …

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Me day

Yesterday was delicious. I woke up and delivered a batch of Russian cookies I baked the night before to work for my Russian project (I head up the Diversity Committee). Then I went to my salon to get my hair done. I saw a new lady and she was great. She gave me the cutest …

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I don’t eat buffalo

I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but I had a Jessica Simpson moment the other day. For those not familiar with Jessica’s sharp wit, she’s appearing on an MTV reality show documenting her new marriage to Nick Lachey. She’s quickly becoming famous for saying things like “I don’t eat buffalo.” when offered buffalo …

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