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We got rained out of Night Beat. Bummer. …

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We got rained out of Night Beat. Bummer. We’re disappointed because we really wanted to see Dana’s last performance! Oh well.

I have so much I need to get done today and tomorrow I’m putting off getting started- I know FLYlady wouldn’t like that! I’ve got to go to the DMV and get my liscense renewed (just to have to get a new one in 2 weeks when we move to another state! arrgh!), I have to buy a wedding shower gift for my friend Michelle, I’m visiting with Sara and Jake (yay!), I have jewelry to make for tomorrow, I have to take a friend to the hospital for surgery in the moring, the plumber’s coming just before that, I have to squeeze in some packing somewhere, I have to take a necklace to Tiffany to be repaired, I’m meeting my friend Holly for dinner tomorrow, and I’m sure there’s something else that I’ve forgotten. Jeez, I’m tired just looking at that list. Maybe I should just take a nap instead… =)

Secret Agent Girl My friend Holly and I met at w…

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Secret Agent Girl

My friend Holly and I met at work about 7 or 8 years ago. I was a Human Resource Manager and she was a Loss Prevention Manager. We shared an office and became instant good friends. She moved to Florida last year and we’ve kept in touch. She called the other day with some big news: She just got accepted by the FBI and she’s getting married! The wedding is next June in Florida and I’m a bridesmaid. I’m so excited for her! She’s marrying a man who works for the CIA and after the wedding they’re moving to DC. I may be interviewed by the FBI as part of her extensive background check. How exciting! Who knew my little friend would grow up to be a big time operative?!

Night Beat Tonight we’re going to see Jon’s co…

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Night Beat

Tonight we’re going to see Jon’s cousin Dana perform at NightBeat. It’s the drum and bugle corps’ big performance of the year. It’s always so much fun. There are corps from around the country that perform and let me tell you, there are some really talented kids out there. Dana plays the trumpet and has given up her summers every year of high school to tour with the Carolina Crown. It’s a lot like watching the movie Drumline, but without the plot!

Moving Sale! Today Jon and I had birthday brun…

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Moving Sale!

Today Jon and I had birthday brunch with his parents, ran some errands that included upgrading Jon’s cell phone (it’s so cool! with a color screen! I’m jealous!) cleaned out the attic, I made a really good meatloaf for dinner then I listed all kinds of stuff on Ebay for our version of a moving/yard/garage sale. Tons of stuff. Trying to reduce clutter in our lives and home. I’ve got that disease where I see something cool, must have it, get it, use it maybe 3 times, then it sits in a cabinet and gets moved from house to house. So that’s the origin of most of the things we listed. Books, games, crystal, watches, etc. Now I’m very sleepy and am going to bed.

And a bottle of Rum Yesterday afternoon Jon an…

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And a bottle of Rum

Yesterday afternoon Jon and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was so great! Even Jon said it was great and usually even if he likes a movie I’ll only get a “pretty good” or “alright” out of him. It was really clever and funny with lots of good action. Johnny Depp was just incredible as Cap’n Jack. The whole cast is great really. But he makes this movie. And it was hilarious! I laughed out loud a lot. I’m not one to hold back.

On the way out of the theatre these teenagers who had been sitting behind us were now in front of us in the hallway. One boy says to his friends “So what did you think?” Another boy says “Man, that lady in front of us (me!!) was crazy!” The 1st boy says, “Yeah, but she had a great laugh!”

I’m the crazy lady in the next row! I can’t believe I’ve graduated from fun loving girl to crazy laughing movie lady! So funny! Next thing you know we’ll be that weird couple down the street all the neighborhood kids dare each other to go talk to!

Gush Thank you to all of you sweet people. You g…

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Thank you to all of you sweet people. You guys really made me feel much better about this impending birthday and the baby situation. I’m usually so gung ho about my birthday, but it’s just different this year. I just hope my loved ones have lots of fun festivities planned to keep my mind off things. The move and the new house helps, plus a quick trip to IKEA we’ll be squeezing in so we can furnish the house. I know Sara’s planning a fun game night- and there’s nothing I love more than a game night (Cranium!) where you end up laughing so hard you go in to silent mode!

Man, I can’t wait for this weekend to get here. We’re going to get the rest of our major packing done, including cleaning out the attic, I’ve got a hair appt in the morning, Nelson’s going to the puppy salon too, I’m getting an estimate on my car’s repairs tomorrow afternoon. Then the fun starts…Jon promised to take me to see Pirates of the Carribean sometime this weekend. So excited!

Updates *Packing is coming along. Our dining r…

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*Packing is coming along. Our dining room is full of boxes. It’s starting to look like we’re really moving. Walls are bare, bookshelves are empty. I’m kind of going to miss our sweet little first house…

*…That is, until we move to the new big house! Repairs are coming along nicely and will be completed by the 29th. Yay!

*I’ve talked to the insurance company and my car should be repaired soon. Poor thing.

*I found out yesterday that an old friend of mine is pregnant! Yay! So happy for them- they’re going to have gorgeous children. It took them approx. 20 minutes of trying to get pregnant. We’ve been trying for a year and a half. =( Seems every pregnant person I know (which is a lot right now it seems!) got pregnant within the first month or two of trying. We’re trying to stay positive. Trying not to dwell. It’s hard though, esp because…

*I’ll be 30 in 10 days. Sweet monkey sandwich, I’m starting to feel old!


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