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It’s a Boy!!

Jacob Charles born 5:25 am March 30, 2003 7 lbs 3 oz 20 inches long Cutest boy ever! Mom (Sara), Dad (Marc), and baby are doing great! Sara had a quick labor (just over 3 hours from the time they got to the hospital to the time he was born). Here’s Sara & my Mom …

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Not weird, adorably quirky and unique

At least, that’s what I like to tell myself. Christy inspired me to share reasons why I’m a little, well, weird. I have to sleep with the open end of my pillowcase turned toward the outside of the bed. While browsing in a new store, I have to go up every aisle, in order. No …

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Still no baby

I’m sure she’ll go into labor while I’m in a meeting or at the very least in the middle of the night. :) Spent the last couple of days (after the funeral) catching up on errands. Picked up a couple of things for the Summer Vacation Swap, planned what I’m doing for the Spring Craft …

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He went to heaven a millionaire

Ray Brady died Monday evening. He was a close family friend. I’ve written about him here before. He was only 50. He had what he thought was the flu back in August, but in fact it was a brain tumor. God, I hate cancer. It has now taken two friends in less than a year. …

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No baby yet. Sara thought for sure that she’d deliver this weekend, so she’s getting really antsy. Should be very soon though. I feel like I’ve been attacked and beaten by millions of tiny madmen. Here’s why: Saturday J and I spent literally all day (well, most of it- from 1-7) in the wooded back …

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Insert clever title here

Last night I attended my youngest sister Morgan’s orchestra recital. Those kids are so cute, and very talented! She’s playing the bass this year so she was in the back. I couldn’t get a good shot of her, but you can kind of make out her head in this picture, behind the cellists. The kids …

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Good God, Y’all

I’ve never been too political in my blog, nor has it really been a place where I’ve discussed what’s going on in the news. This is my personal journal, just in electronic form. So I don’t want to start a political debate here or anything, but I would like to say a few things as …

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Oh, Baby

My sister just called. She’s 1 centimeter dialated and fully effaced. We may have a new baby in the family by the weekend. She’s early though- she’s due April 4th. I guess I need to run out and get one of those “World’s Best Aunt” t-shirts pretty soon! It will make for an interesting weekend …

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It looks like spring is starting to make an appearance around here. I’ve planted some daisies and my hibiscus flowers that Rachel gave me are peeking out. Our daffodils are starting to bloom too which is nice. It’s good to see some color in the landscaping again. This is one of my favorite times of …

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I’m back at work today after my mid week weekend (I’m working today and tomorrow, so I was off the last 2 days). Tuesday night I rented The Good Girl which I really enjoyed. Loved Zooey Deschanel in it, and Jennifer Aniston did a great job. Wednesday J & I saw Chicago and I loved …

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