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Book Swap?

While browsing other blogs, I’ve noticed that we’re a pretty well read group! So I was wondering if any of you would be interested in a book swap? I’ll set up a group on Yahoo like we have for the Stateswap & Holidayswap. Then we can post the titles of books we have and we …

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In sickness and in health

I apparently have the immune system of a 3 year old. My doctor informed me yesterday that I have an ear infection. So I’m on antibiotics and a heavy duty decongestant. He told me I’ll probably have the ear non-popping problem for at least a week to 10 days. I’ve come to the conclusion that …

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Still feeling all bleh. Strep sucks. New problem though- my right ear won’t pop. You know when you go swimming or are in a plane and your ears hurt but then they pop and it’s all better. My ear hurts, but won’t pop- no matter what I do. I’ve tried everything. It’s been this way …

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Strep, new houses, and other notes

I woke up Christmas day feeling all head coldy and it wouldn’t go away. So I went to the doctor yesterday and I have strep throat. Fun. J’s out picking up my medicine right now. Found out Bath and Body Works finally has a web site. It’s about time! Thanks to Brian for the link. …

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The third day of Christmas

That’s today right? Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We hosted Christmas Eve & Christmas and it went really well. Christmas Eve we had slow cooked barbque, baked beans, shrimp cocktail, deviled eggs, & spinach & artichoke dip. Mom, Hale, & Morgan came over for dinner and we all watched The Christmas Story. It was …

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Tis better to give than receive

Mrs. Roboto has inspired me to write a little about crappy Christmas gifts. Yeah, I know, it’s the thought that counts, but sometimes you’ve just got to wonder. My paternal grandmother is famous for re-gifting and for giving odd gifts. If you know her, you are sworn to secrecy. I think it’s safe to say …

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Merry merry

I wish a wonderful, magical Christmas to each and every one of you!

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Bah Humbug

“&%@$! I hate Christmas.” “Why do you hate Christmas, Honey?” “Because it’s one o’clock in the morning and you’ve got me tying a mini lunch box to a gift bag.” My gift wrapping marathon recruited husband on why he’s feeling a little scroogish right now. His efforts are appreciated though. I’m leaving for a neighboring …

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On Dirty Santa and mixers

It’s been an interesting few days. There’s just not enough time until Christmas I swear. Tuesday night I participated in a Dirty Santa gift swap where I got jipped. I wasn’t aggressive enough. Those ladies were cutthroat! Wednesday J and I finished up our Christmas shopping and wrapped presents. He also gave me my present …

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Seriously, we really talk about this stuff

“I’d like to have the hard shell like a lobster, but I wouldn’t want to lose my hands. Claws would be a bitch.” –my husband, J, on how he’d like to be physically fashioned after the cockroach of the sea. He’d also like the jumping ability of a big cat, like a panther, because although …

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