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I hope everyone has a fun Halloween! As soon as work is finished I’m rushing home where we’ll finally carve our pumpkin, spook up the house, and get ready for our trick or treaters. We have way too much candy so hopefully we’ll have a ton of trick or treaters! I can’t wait to see …

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Trick or Treat

I wish I wasn’t too old to trick or treat. I want to be a kid again, just for tomorrow. I love Halloween- and the best parts of it. The costume/sleepover parties where your friend’s dad sneaks in after you’ve all just drifted off and scares the bejesus out of you with his wolfman mask. …

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…from our mountain trip are up here. More to come when the next roll of film is finished and developed!

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Fly like an eagle?

Why does the US postal service hate me? I send lots of mail. I buy stamps. I do my best to keep them in business. And yet… Almost two weeks before Rachel and Brian visited I sent them a way cool package with tons of fun things to keep them entertained on the road. J …

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Random Notes

Starting to feel much better. Taking Biaxin and Guaifenesin. Not quite sure how to pronounce the last one, but they appear to be working. We think we have the arm licking problem licked, so to speak. Tea tree oil applied to Nelson’s arm twice a day is keeping him from working his little arm into …

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Still sick

Just got back from the doctor and pharmacy. Turns out I have a sinus infection. Fun! So I’m off to take my various drugs now. Hopefully they’ll kick in nice and strong so I can make it to work tomorrow. In other news, last night J and I watched Insomnia. Not the feel good movie …

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It seems that whatever was making my mom sick last weekend has worked it’s way into my head. I started feeling all ick last night and now it’s really taking hold. I hate being sick! I’m going to go drink some Nyquil now.

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aaaaahhhh. I don’t have anything I have to do today! Yay! J’s off too so we’re going to run some errands and rent a movie for later. I might get some crafting in. It’s nice to have a day without a huge list of to-do’s. I’m planning on enjoying it because things will get really …

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Down from the mountain

We had such a good time this weekend. I wish we could have stayed in the mountains for a week! Friday Rachel, Brian, & Violet arrived. Violet is so sweet! We toured them around the house and the city then had dinner at Lupie’s. At dinner we talked about the things Rachel & Brian had …

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We’re back!

We had a fabulous time! I’ve got to get some pictures developed and I’ll post them soon. Rachel & Brian are home safe, Violet is adorable, Nelson’s in love with her, we had good weather & even better company. Watch this space for all the details!

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