Monthly Archives: August, 2002

New Pictures

There are some new pics up in my photoblog of the newest member of our family, Roger Shakakahn Petersen.

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Go See This Movie!

Last night I went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Let me tell you, I laughed so hard I cried. The place was packed and everyone was just howling with laughter. It’s the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. It was so fun, and so true. My aunt married a Greek man …

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Fun Purchases

Last night I stopped by Target on my way home for my monthly Allegra fix. While there I picked up some of the new Revlon Lipglide lip gloss I really like it. It’s got a fun cushy tip. I got the Lilac Lustre. I think I’m up to a ridiculous number of lip products in …

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I’m a disorganized crafter

This is the afghan I’ve been working on for the last 3 years or so. Husband says it looks like a wonky scarf. I’m getting there. I only know one stitch and I often forget that I’m working on it. But I’ll pull it out every now and then and crochet while watching tv or …

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Crockpot success # 2!

Last night we had chili I made in the crock pot. You know how chili always tastes better the next day? Well, this chili tasted next day good on the 1st go round. The recipe is posted here. I prepped everything Tuesday night then turned it on before I went to work yesterday. Husband likes …

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We have a new security guard in the afternoons in my building. Security is very tight here. We have to wear badges and scan them to get into the building & hallways etc. And we have security guards on duty all the time. The morning girl in my building- not so nice. But this new …

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The Ultimate Irony

Ray’s tumor is in the right side of his brain. That means that he would notice lack of mobility or other motor problems on the left side of his body. Normally. Except that when Ray was born something went wrong and he was left with a withered left arm. No or very little mobility. He …

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Read This Now.

This is hysterical! Thanks to Susan for the link. I think I know this guy. I think we’ve all met him once or twice.

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The Cone

So my dog Nelson still has to wear this cone because he won’t stop licking his arm. It creates a sore that won’t heal. He’s been to the vet and they said he’s just bored and some dogs just do that. We’ve tried everything. Sprays, salves, etc. He’s got so many toys it’s like a …

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Family Values

Anyone out there a big Sopranos fan? HBO sent me a poster. It’s very cool, but I don’t have any place for it. Any takers?

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