curses i wish i knew a witchdoctor. just some …


i wish i knew a witchdoctor. just some crazy guy that would look like george clinton that i could drop in on occasionally to request curses, spells, and potions. my list of victims is growing. =) in the meantime i supposed i can just go here and curse someone online. thanks to m for the link. now, don’t look at me like that. i’m not being mean about it. but the lady that ruined my shirt today by spilling highlight mixture down my back where i didn’t notice it until i got home, well, she owes me a shirt. my hair looks cute by the way. today was my 1st real salon visit for the whole treatment ever. cut, highlight & style. she did a fantastico job but now i need a new shirt. the lady in the chair next to me showed my hairdresser lady a picture of herself that she’s sending in to playboy. and it was a nudie patootie picture!! she said she wanted hairdresser lady to see how nice her hair looked in the pic. wha?!


busy busy last night i stayed up way late filling…

busy busy

last night i stayed up way late filling out place cards for the wedding. my sister totally forgot to do them. good thing she has such a good older sis huh? =) i’m off work the next 2 days but i’ll probably be busier than if i was at work. i’m meeting sara at 9 to hand off the place cards, then going to the doctor, then going to the dentist, then meeting sara at the hair salon, then i have to come home and clean the house. fun times.

they’ve screwed up husband’s schedule again. they sent him in on some sort of rescue mission at another store. today he’s working 6 am to 3pm then he has to go back in tonight at 10 to work until 6am tomorrow!! what is that all about?? he’s going to be exhausted and tomorrow is the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner. poor husband. good thing

i saw what looked to be a rather large bee on th…

i saw what looked to be a rather large bee on the ground in the parking lot here at work. upon closer inspection it was a sweet little hummingbird. he must have flown into a windshield or something. i was so sad. they are so beautiful, and you rarely see them and there he was and there was nothing i could do for him. it was interesting to see him in a non-flight status- usually you never really see their wings because they beat so fast.

when i was a child a humminbird flew into the picture window at my grandparent’s house. my grandfather put some hummingbird food/juice into a medicine dropper. i held the little bird in my hand as my grandmother tried to get it to drink. he was all woozy. but he finally started drinking. then my grandfather took him in his hand and held him up high and he flew away.

beds & bologna last night husband and i went to m…

beds & bologna

last night husband and i went to my mom’s to get a bed for our guest room. it’s my sister morgan’s old twin bed. it’s easy to forget that a wedding is also a family reunion. we need a 2nd bed in the house just in case a stray relative needs a place to stay. anyway, while there my mom made jon his very first fried bologna sandwich. he was all excited. he loved it. nothing like trailer park food to get your night going! they discussed the yum factor of various fried mystery meats like spam. ew. i just can’t do it. they love it though. i think i heard somewhere that hawaii has the highest per capita spam consumption of any state in the u.s.. i wonder how true that is?

dress rescue my mom found a lady who could fix sa…

dress rescue

my mom found a lady who could fix sara’s dress and have it finished today. it’s very similar to this dress: and get this…she’s only charging $22!! that is so awesome. she was totally prepared to have to come up with 10 times that. wedding dress alterations can run into the hundreds of dollars. i spent almost $300 just on alterations! so hopefully this will be her only wedding disaster and all will go smoothly after that.

technical difficulties the previous post had more…

technical difficulties

the previous post had more text & a picture. it posted all funky and now it won’t let me edit it. odd. so let me pick up where that post leaves off. the first of these pumpkins that i saw on sunday was being carried like a purse by a woman at caribou coffee. the next one was on a front porch in my mom’s neighborhood next to a big orange candle. it’s june!! i wonder if it’s a sign… spooky!