Thanksgiving was great. So good to meet Bob’s fam…

Thanksgiving was great. So good to meet Bob’s family. they were great. i just decided not to use any capital letters anymore on this blog. we spent all day with the fam. then we hung out at bob’s hotel the next night. i want a baby.

we put an offer down on a house yesterday but someone else beat us by literally hours. guess it wasn’t meant to be. there must be an even better house out there for us. we’re looking again on sunday.

last night i went to mel’s to help her get started on the scrapbook. bless her heart. i walked in and saw her and my heart broke for her. but you know, she’s staying strong in spirit and that’s good. i think this scrapping project will be good for her. and what a fabulous husband she has. she has an amazing support system. and davis is the cutest thing you have ever seen! again, i want a baby. but i want a house 1st so i’ll wait.


Thankful. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. HUGE amount…

Thankful. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. HUGE amount of people will be at my mom’s. We’re having dinner at the Flamingo. Lord help us. Can’t wait to meet Bobby’s wife and 2 new kids. Can’t wait to hear what Jon has to say about everyone at the end of the day.

Still haven’t bought a house. I’m set on the Edgewater drive house, but Jon’s not convinced. Gotta work on him some more.

Wow, how slack am I with the updates. Ok, where t…

Wow, how slack am I with the updates. Ok, where to start? We’ve been looking for a house. Melissa’s dad is our realtor. This is the most stressful thing we’ve ever done. Melissa’s not doing well. They had to shave her head and put a shunt into it to drain the fluid from surrounding her brain. She wants me to come help her create a scrapbook for Davis. I just hope I can get through it without crying!