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Busy weekend. Worked Friday and Saturday night up …

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Busy weekend. Worked Friday and Saturday night up at SOG. Jon came up Friday night just before I closed and hung out with me. That was sweet. The next night these 2 ladies that paint all the time were mooning over him. They said you could tell he really loves me. Gotta love that!

Last night we went over to Marc and Sara’s and car…

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Last night we went over to Marc and Sara’s and carved pumpkins. Josh and Kevin were there. It was a fun night. It was interesting to find not a single picture of me and Jon in their house. But pics of her and Amy and Stephanie. Sara seems to forget that I’ve been her main supporter through all her punk years. I was the one who visited her in jail every week. I sent cards and letters. I even picked her up when she got out, helped her find a job, etc. All I can say is karma karma karma.

I’m sounding a little bitter huh? Gotta get over that. Tomorrow night I’m helping Morgan with her baby book for class. She took some great pictures. They had sugar babies for a week and she has to put together a book. Fun!

We had a lot of fun this weekend in the Valle. Go…

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We had a lot of fun this weekend in the Valle. Got out out of working the bar b que place because they ran out of food to serve. So we just walked around the fair and enjoyed it. Ben and Becky joined us. (Mom’s assistant and his girlfriend). They were a lot of fun. We played Cranium on Sat night. Sara did end up going and she brought her dog which puked the whole trip up and back. Let’s take our carsick dog on a trip on winding mountain roads!

We had dinner Sat night at the local elementary school then went home to play Cranium. Jane went with to the fair and dinner. So everything was really fun up until about 10pm Sat night when Sara decided to pull my chair out from under me as I was sitting down. I landed on the hard wood floor and really screwed up my back. The worst part was she never said she was sorry or asked if I was ok.

You know, just when I have hope that she’s a nice person, she just shows her true colors. She’s just bad, and mean. Sunday morning her dog was laying on the floor chewing something weird and I told her she should get it out of the dog’s mouth. She yelled “Well get it dummy!” Morgan yelled back “She can’t!” Duh- did the idiot not just hurt my back the night before??? I just can’t wait for her wedding to get out of the way so we don’t have to see her as often. And you know, that’s just sad. I had high hopes for our relationship, but she just keeps screwing it up with her behavior.

Had dinner with Stacy last night. Just love her. …

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Had dinner with Stacy last night. Just love her. Tonight I’m heading up to the Valle for our last mountain trip til spring. We’re volunteering at the Valle Crucis Country fair tomorrow. Sara’s waffling on going with us. I hope she goes.

Today is my 1st full day of driving my new car. I…

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Today is my 1st full day of driving my new car. I just love it so much. We took it by mom’s last night and they really liked it. It’s just so sharp. We took the rental back last night. I’m so glad to be able to get that taken care of and not have to deal with that any more. I really think we’ll get some good use out of my car. There’s a ton of room in my Rav. I’ve got to come up with a name for it.

Sara called me just a few minutes ago. She found a lump in her breast and went to the doctor. It could be cancer. I just can’t have this right now. First Stacey, then Mel (who’s doing worse by the way) and now maybe Sara. What is up??? Poor Mel, the cancer has broken up and is traveling through her spinal fluid and is collecting around the base of her brain. I’ve never dealt with such a sad situation. Her poor baby. But I’m holding out for a miracle!!

We spent Saturday at Toyota of Gastonia. I bought…

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We spent Saturday at Toyota of Gastonia. I bought a 2002 Rav 4, and just as my deal is getting wrapped up, Jon says “What kind of deal will you make me on the Camry?”. So we drove off in a new Camry. I’m taking delivery of my Rav tonight. I can’t wait to see it! We had dinner with Jon’s parents Sat night. Then Sunday we did the Starbucks & sunday paper thing. Then went to the mall to shop for shoes and ended up watching the viking’s game at Jillian’s. We had dinner with Mom and Hale and Morgan. Jon got to show off his new car. It really is slick. He calls it Iron Monkey.

I think physical therapy is going to help me. I’m…

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I think physical therapy is going to help me. I’m all sore from yesterday’s session. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I’m off to buy a car tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. We’re not heading to the fair now this weekend. I’m hella disappointed. But it’s supposed to rain all weekend and Jon and I can’t ride rides because of my wreck and Jon threw out his back. So it’s new car fun for us!


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